5 tips to enjoy a perfect first day at workplace

A step up guide to help you enjoy first day at the new workplace. Take a look at these tips and gel in like a pro.

5 tips to enjoy a perfect first day at workplace
5 tips to enjoy a perfect first day at workplace

First day of the job can give jitters to anyone. Even if you are looking forward to this day with excitement, it is a very important for the rest of your days in the organisaiton. You will be remembered by many on the basis of your first meeting with them. Your co-workers, peers, juniors and colleagues will recall their first interaction with you. So make sure that it is worth reminiscing. It is your chance to make an A grade impression in the workplace.

Take a look at a few tips that will let you enjoy a perfect first day at workplace

1. Arrive early at the workplace

Punctuality can become your asset at the workplace. And if it is your first day at work, you definitely wouldn’t want to be remembered as a late comer by everyone. Be it your HR department, or immediate boss, everyone monitors the new employee and his/her behaviour since the day 1. Your day 1 begins when you arrive at work on time. A good rule of thumb is arriving 15-20 minutes ahead of the start time.

2. Dress appropriately

Many of you might not believe in the fact that “first impression is the last impression” but it is true when you meet a new person for the first time. Dressing up smartly to show up at work will create an aura of positivity around you. Check with HR personnel about the dress code that the organisation follows. If the day of joining is Friday and your office follows Friday dressing, carry yourself in that dress code.  Similar style of dressing will help you easily gel in with your new colleagues.

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3. Be confident during the orientation program

Do not fumble or stammer while introducing yourself. Your new colleagues would be eager to know more about you in the beginning. If you will speak in meek voice, they will consider you weak and will handle you accordingly. If HR personnel are not around to introduce you to others, then take initiative and talk to co-workers sitting around you. Be humble while introducing and let others know that you are ready to collaborate with them.

4. Listen to others patiently

It is not the day to tell others what you think should be done; rather first day is the time when you must be more inclined towards listening. Listening is the key to understanding the culture and rules that applies to your new workplace. Merely talking about yourself will create troubles in the long run. Your employer would expect you to gain the basics of the work profile and acquire as much as possible in short span of time. So be all ears on the very first day!

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5. Embrace the change

Don’t enter the new workplace with the expectations that it will be similar to the last one or will be the best one. Welcome new people, place and practises with an open heart. Joining new office with a new mindset and accepting the change will aid you to gel in smoothly without having to put much effort. Consider this opportunity as a big move that will enhance quality of your resume in the job market.

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