5 Tips to prevent students from losing their creativity skills

Technical skills and educational qualifications is important for getting a job but students who have creativity skills will be able to achieve success in their life. Read here how you can explore and maitain your creative side along with your academic qualifications.

Tips to prevent students from losing their creativity skills
Tips to prevent students from losing their creativity skills

Adults follow paths; Children explore. – Neil Gaiman

This is true in fact because as we grow up we learn so much and naturally follow the theoretical terms. We chose safe options rather than exploring new ways to do things. Students now learn technical skills and develop their cognitive aptitude. However, as time passes and the struggles of school life like exams, competitions etc. begin and students focus more on academic excellence rather than on exploring their interests and creative side. Moreover, now every other student is engaged with technological devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets or computers. Students are adopting new techniques to handle their problems and solve them quickly, but they do not spend much time on brainstorming for solving the problems with their aptitude. The biggest challenge today is to make the students understand that how important it is to preserve their creative ability for their successful future. Not everything can be solved with the technology, or with good academic marks. The technological skills and academic records would be helpful for getting a job but only your creative aptitude will ensure your success in the long run.

Here we are discussing how students can maintain their creativity skills along with their academics —

1. Implementing creativity in solving problems: For effective learning and improving their cognitive aptitude for whatever students study, it is mandatory to use their own modified techniques. Sometimes, it is important that students learn the method to find out an answer to a question rather than a certain result.

  • If students follow a definite and scripted method, then they may implement it and get the expected result as well but, they will forget the technique and concept within next few days.
  • This is because students are not implementing their mental ability to deal with the problems, and we tend to forget the techniques where we do not apply our own aptitude.
  • Learning the techniques is one thing and how it is implemented, is different for every other student. This way they learn the concept with their own conscience.
  • Therefore, the focus should be on making students learn the methods, techniques and understanding the concept with their own aptitude

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2. Learn to take your stand: The most common thing that stops students from following their conscience is that they will be told they are wrong and whatever is written and taught is right.

  • This narrowness where students are not allowed to explore is wrong, and this can limit the student's opportunities as they will never be able to stand up for themselves and for what they feel is right. The students should always be encouraged to ask their doubts and raise questions on wrong methods.
  • Also, the students generally are guided to follow a definite path for education or certain career options which ensures successful future. Students should be encouraged and supported to make a career in the field of their interest.
  • They should be motivated to follow their creative side and this will help students in making a successful career because they will be doing what they love and appreciate.

3. Learn to accept your mistakes: Generally, we have an ideology where mistakes are not considered okay and, we look at people making mistakes as if they have committed a crime. This creates a sense of hesitance in students, which makes them hide their mistakes from others, and they do not work towards improvement.

  • Mistakes give us experience and learning, therefore, students should be taught to accept their mistakes whenever they make one
  • If students will never make mistake then they will not learn the concept effectively and also, if they will make mistake then they will find a new way to improve it too
  • Therefore, students should be told to accept their mistakes and also, they should be encouraged to improve it so that they don’t do the same mistake again

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4. Avoid rule of thumb: Students need to be encouraged to find their own creative ways to solve a problem. If everything is done with the rule of thumb (techniques that are easily learned and easily applied) then, students will not learn anything new.

Students should implement different alternatives to deal with one problem. This way, they will discover the right technique to solve the problem as well as the techniques which are not suitable for the problem. They will be able to implement the right technique effectively for the same problem next time and also, this will save their time and efforts.

5. Use imagination, curiosity and creativity skills: The curiosity is generally seen in kids only because as children grow up and begin their junior high school, asking questions and clearing doubts from their teachers is reduced.

  • Teenagers generally hesitate in asking their doubts or understanding their concepts again from their teachers by thinking other students will make fun of them or, they will appear stupid in front of everyone and many similar self-doubting thoughts
  • Students need to understand that for better learning they should open up their imaginative skills, their curiosity as well as explore their creative side
  • This will help them in finding their passion and also give them a career direction

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Conclusion: Creative people are considered to be as highly intelligent as they are able to use their mental aptitude, cognitive skills as well as imagination to the optimum. Students should be encouraged to accept their creativity skills and also implement their creativity skills in understanding their academics too.

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