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If you too have 'Can do better' remarks on your report card, Must read this article

Students belonging to average category neither get top grades nor do they get poor marks in their exams. All they need is to know the tricks to get good grades like topper students. Read this article to know tips and strategies an average student can follow to improve their exam results.

Jan 15, 2018 18:57 IST
Tips for average students to improve marks in report card
Tips for average students to improve marks in report card

Average students are the ones, who come between the category of topper students and failing students. The students belonging to average category neither get top grades nor do they get poor marks in their exams.  The most common remarks mentioned by their teachers in their report card are ‘you can do better’ or ‘work hard to do better’ etc. which simply means that these students have the scope of improvement.  All they need is to know the tricks to get good grades like topper students.

Read this article to know tips and strategies an average student can follow to improve their exam results –

1. Discuss your doubts with teachers – Mostly, students do not ask their doubts from their teachers in the classroom itself. They ignore the fact that not clearing their doubts by taking help from their teachers will result in their bad scores because they won’t get concept clarity. But if you ask every student who gets top grades in every exam, the common thing that they confirmed is that whenever they faced any doubt during studies they always seek help from their teachers.  Getting guidance from teachers is necessary and whenever you are in any doubt, you should always seek help from them.

2. Work on improving your weak areas - Students should always work on improving their weaknesses which hinder their exam preparations. Students often do not realise their habits or problem areas which affect their study plan and these things stop them to progress towards their goals. For average students, it is essential to understand the reason behind their low marks in the exams. If students feel that even though they work hard to get good grades yet, their result is not as expected then they need to analyse their performance from the past years and rectify the reasons.

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3. Be attentive in the classroom - If you are not attentive in class, then it is the time that you become an active participant in your class. Simply copying everything from the board is not sufficient to understand and study well. Moreover, if you pay attention in class, then in case of any doubt you can straightaway ask your teacher there itself. For your better understanding, you should make short notes while your teacher is teaching in the classroom as these notes will be helpful for you self-studies at home.  

4. Study and teach your classmates/friendsYou can sometimes prepare for your examinations with your friends or classmates.  As group studies help you in learning better and effectively i.e. you can make each other understand in fun and easy ways. Studying in the group also will be helpful to analyse each other’s performance and you will be able to know your preparation level.  Moreover, in case of doubts, you can ask your friends and also help them too.

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5. Improve your writing skills – Most students fail to notice that the way of writing their answer sheets also affects their marks.  For better scores, you should present your answers neatly and in a planned manner. This is in concern with lengthy answers carrying more marks rather than short answer type questions. So, in order to get good marks, make sure your writing skills are good and to write lengthy answers like essays you should make a strategy like the introduction paragraph should be effective and precise, you should make points for writing the body and do not exceed the word limit. Moreover, to make the answer more presentable you can underline the main points to highlight them so that the examiner gets to know about your concept knowledge and resists deducting your marks.

6. Choose a correct and organised strategy for studying – Students need to adopt an effective strategy so that they can prepare well for their examinations. Only a proper method of preparation will prove to be very helpful for you to get good marks. Also, you need to be organised with your study material, your space of studying as well as a fixed schedule for studying and revision to get effective results.

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7. Improve your memory Students commonly face the problem of fading out during the exams because they could not remember anything even though they prepared well enough. The common reason for this is that students are not mentally prepared may be due to lack of revision or nervousness. But, if they want to deal with this problem and perform their best in exams then they should revise a lot and practice with previous year’s papers and sample test papers. This will make them confident and assure them of their preparation and they will be able to perform their best on the exams. Also, to boost their memory, students should do regular exercise, practice yoga and meditation as well as eat healthy to keep mind and body stress-free.

8. Stop delaying your studies – Most important that no average student should ignore is that they must utilise their time efficiently and stop postponing their tasks which makes them waste their time.  This is called procrastination and it becomes an obstacle to your exam preparation. To get good grades, students should take their exams seriously; they must not waste their time doing things which are of no use for them like addiction to gaming, or simply laziness.

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Conclusion: Students need to work hard as well as smartly for getting good marks in their exams. For average students, the strategy should be to work on improving their mistakes, adopting effective learning strategy and give their best performance. The tips and tricks mentioned here will be helpful for them to get good marks and get a level above average category if they utilise it effectively.


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