6 Professional Courses Which Will Land You With Highest Paying Jobs

People are not entirely wrong when they say 'it's all about the money'. As life goes on, one realizes how important it is to be able to afford things of his desire and for you to be able to do that, we present a list of 6 best paying courses in India.

6 Professional Courses Which Will Land You With Highest Paying Jobs
6 Professional Courses Which Will Land You With Highest Paying Jobs

The financial security will not only give you mental peace but also open the opportunity to explore a number of other things.

Here, we give you a list of 6 professions which will land you with lucrative job offers after your education:


A degree from a renowned management college combined with organizational skills will sky-rocket your earnings. Young managers are in high demand in every industry and the career opportunity for such professionals are endless. Besides working for a firm, management graduates and post graduates can also work towards setting up their own start-up which seem to be a hit idea these days.

Medical Studies:

Apart from non-tangible advantages like respect, dignity and contentment attached to their job, medical practitioners also get a hefty salary to make it things going for them. This is one of the industries which never go out of demand owing to busy and unbalanced lifestyle of people who keep falling sick.

Chartered Accountancy:

A chartered accountant is immensely important to any company, big or small. He/she maintains and updates company's financial records for the auditing and also helps them with tax-related issues. As money is important to any organization, a chartered accountant can get whatever amount they ask for, as salary.

Aviation Studies:

With the growth of aviation sector, the job opportunities for people has increased manifolds. You could be a part of ground staff or aircrew depending upon your interest and suitability to the role. The professionals of this sector are given handsome salaries and are best for people who love travelling.

Merchant Navy:

There is high competition to get a job in this sector but once the entry-level complications get sorted, people at top posts like marine engineer, navigation officer, electro technical officer, captain etc get salaries worth being envious about.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering:

This unconventional course pays well to employees majorly owing to involvement of Indian government over profits generated in offshore drilling.

Software Programming:

A good software is imperative to any website and is one of the major means of earning money for most organizations. This is where software engineers come into the scene and this is the reason their job becomes so important. These professionals can also open their own coaching institutes and have the luxury of working from home.


The job of an lawyer goes beyond just monetary benefits as there are multiple benefits attached to it. Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that it is a well paid job, especially for public prosecutors.

Besides these courses, there are other career options like being a sportsperson or working in entertainment industry which guarantee earnings that have no limit. These are the industries where things depend hugely on networking and talent.

With focus and good knowledge of one's interests, selecting a course with rewarding career can be easy. We suggest you talk to professionals from other fields and career analysts work your way out.

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