7 sitcoms no college student should give a miss

Here is the list of sitcoms and shows which are so addictive, you might not want to do anything besides watching them.

7 sitcoms no college student should give a miss
7 sitcoms no college student should give a miss

Variety is the spice of life and almost a necessity during college days. You cannot just be studying all day long and the perfect distraction are television shows and sitcoms which can potentially have a life changing effect on students' personality. Here is the list of sitcoms and shows which are so addictive, you might not want to do anything besides watching them to complete the entire series in one week.

1. Game of Thrones

Creating a rage among the fans with its latest season, Game of Thrones is the perfect watch for people who like to watch gory stuff. It will be safe to say that the makers of the show have not tried too hard to be subtle when it comes to action. The show is extremely famous among people and its latest episodes become talk of the town all over the world. Set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, Game of Thrones has several plot lines and a large ensemble cast but revolves on three primary story arcs. The first story arc centres on the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms and follows a web of alliances and conflicts among the dynastic noble families either vying to claim the throne or fighting for independence from the throne. The second story arc focuses on the last descendant of the realm's deposed ruling dynasty, exiled and in hiding while plotting a return to the throne. The third story arc centres on the longstanding brotherhood charged with defending the realm against the ancient threats of the fierce peoples and legendary creatures that live far north, and an impending winter that threatens the realm.

2. Friends

This cult and highly addictive sitcom is all you need to make your day better. The show has ten seasons and revolves around the lives of six friends who live in Manhattan. Aired for ten long years from 1994 to 2004, Friends had a huge impact on the young people across the world and remains one of the most watched shows till date. You just cannot go wrong with this one.

3. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is an American medical drama television series that premiered on American Broadcasting Company (ABC) as a mid-season replacement on March 27, 2005. The series focuses on the fictional lives of surgical interns, residents, and attending physicians, as they evolve into seasoned doctors while trying to maintain personal lives and relationships. The show was originally titled 'Complications', a reference to the complicated medical procedures and personal lives of the characters.

4. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

Revolving around a quintessential upper-class family living in South Mumbai, the show wasn't well received when it aired on StarOne channel between 2004 to 2006. It received a cult status after an overwhelming reception by the audience after the show ended. With an ensemble cast starring Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly and Rajesh Kumar, the show was a laughter ride. Due to constant requests from the audience, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was returned as a web series on Hotstar in May 2017 but the response from the audience wasn't too good. If you haven't watched all the episodes of the first season, you definitely should.

5. Cosmos

A Spacetime Odyssey is a 2014 American science documentary television series. The show is a follow-up to the 1980 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which was presented by Carl Sagan on the Public Broadcasting Service and is considered a milestone for scientific documentaries. The series loosely follows the same thirteen-episode format and storytelling approach that the original Cosmos used, including elements such as the "Ship of the Imagination" and the "Cosmic Calendar", but features information updated since the 1980 series along with extensive computer-generated graphics and animation footage augmenting the narration.

6. Star Bestsellers

Star Bestsellers is an Indian television series that was originally telecast on Star Plus in 1999–2000. Each episode in the series is a separate story written and directed by young and upcoming writer-directors and it carried the special intensity for a different feeling but all about proper human condition and indicating that each person has something great at heart (love, affection etc.). Writers and directors who worked in creating the episodes of the series include now-established filmmakers Anurag Kashyap, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Imtiaz Ali, Sriram Raghavan and Hansal Mehta.

7. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an American television show which will tell you exactly why you should not do drugs. It tells the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Together with his former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), White turns to a life of crime, producing and selling crystallized methamphetamine to secure his family's financial future before he dies, while navigating the dangers of the criminal world.


So what are you waiting for? You have the list of some of the best sitcoms of recent times and all you need to have now is a good wifi connection and some time in your hands to watch these shows.

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