9 signs that prove that you are an Engineering student in India

With so much to study and accomplish, every engineering student in India acquires certain qualities. Here are some of them.

Signs that prove you are an Indian engineering student
Signs that prove you are an Indian engineering student


Whether it's IITs, state affiliated colleges or private institutions, engineering colleges all over India have same college culture and largely, the syllabus too. There are characteristics which are common to engineering students in India and here we have tried to list a few of them:

1. You are always sleepy

This is because you are either busy studying or partying in order to break the monotony. Sleep is not a very big priority in college which leaves you tired and groggy inside the classes which can be really boring at times.

2. You are an expert at finishing the syllabus on last day

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Even though you have been studying the entire semester, you will realize a lot of it still not done. But that isn't a big problem, is it? After all, this is not the first time you will pull an all-nighter to study enough to fetch passing marks at the very least.

3. People trust you with fixing electronic items

Irrespective of your branch, people keep assigning you work related to fixing of electronic machines. They simply fail to understand that a computer engineer doesn't necessarily know how to make a CD drive start working again.

4. Will you make bridges? The standard questions by relatives and friends

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People seem to think that engineering is all about constructing bridges. Sure, you know the basics of strength and pressure but the construction of bridge is only taught to civil engineers in detail.

5. Job or higher studies is the most asked question!

Now this is something even you have been wondering about. It's a dilemma all engineering students face unless they are extremely sure about what they want to do. However, the QnA session with relatives does not end here. They want to know the course, the college, basically everything if you are going for masters.

6. Searching for jobs is tougher than you thought

With so many engineering colleges and students in the country, finding  a job can prove to be an uphill task. You cannot afford to take campus placements lightly. You have to prepare for the placements with all seriousness because if you don't find a job in the campus, it will be more difficult to  find it outside.

7. You have started getting 'Shaadi kab karoge' from relatives!

Shaadi because what else there is to life besides marriage and a graduation degree? For the middle class people in India engineering is a highly reputed course which guarantees employment. If only they knew about the reality of the situation about scarcity of jobs.

8. You have contemplated the repercussions of quitting your course at least once

When you look at your schoolmates from arts stream chilling in restaurants, you also think about how cool it would be if you could also do the same. However, the feeling doesn't stay in the mind for too long because engineering as interesting as any other subjects and building things is your true passion.

9. Curiosity kills the cat seems too real a statement

A lot of times, to understand the inner working of a machine, you end opening it up completely and then do not know how to put things back. You have been scolded by your parents regularly but do you quit doing the same? No.


These were the nine signs that you are an engineering student studying in India. How many of these qualities do you have in you?

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