Acknowledging confront to JEE is making system apparent: CBSE chairman

CBSE Chairman has mentioned that acknowledging confront to JEE is making system apparent

Created On: Apr 30, 2014 18:28 IST
Modified On: May 1, 2014 10:22 IST

Reacting to the gigantic pandemonium by students & coaching classes over less than 24 hour window for downloading JEE answer keys & challenging them, Central Board of Secondary Education says things are not so dreadful. CBSE chairman, Mr. Vineet Joshi stated, "This was not a cognizant budge, and this is sufficient time for students who have appeared for the examination & are responsive of the tribulations. Students will surely evaluate the question paper after exams & search for problems & will consequently be geared up for the challenge."

Vineet Joshi's comments on wakefulness of students about the paper is undoubtedly true, as instantaneously after the offline examination held on April 6th detailed scrutiny was obtainable through coaching classes. On the other hand, coaching class owner’ says the less than 24 hour window for challenge is inequitable.

Nisha Kothari, local coaching class owner that produced India’s topper last year, stated, "This is a ludicrous step taken by CBSE to not give more time to confront the answer key. And even that short window was abridged further as the answer keys were uploaded atleast 5 hours late & closed few minutes before the deadline. This outlook of CBSE is gratuitous & has hassled students a lot. I am speaking to you on behalf of numerous students who are feeling short - changed."

Dilip Vaidya, director (academics) at local coaching centre, stated, "CBSE should have given some days at least to brazen out the answer keys. In addition, just uploading answer key is not sufficient; they must also offer explanations stating why that answer is right. This way, students will be able to confront it and provide their own judgment."

Nevertheless, chairman Joshi said, CBSE is showing lucidity by using this scheme. "Even IITs only exhibit the answer sheets, we essentially permit them to confront it. At CBSE, this is a pace to make the system fair and transparent," said Joshi.

On the other hand, many others undergo that by accommodating online confront only they are cutting off many students. A student, Rajesh Tekade, stated, "Suppose a student from Gadchiroli wants to confront the answer keys but doesn’t have right of entry to internet due to power breakdown, then what? Technology should be assisting us & not depriving us."
Kothari added, "The occurrence of debit & credit card practice is still not extensive in our country, hence this should have been let alone."


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