Business Quiz of the Week for MBA: 29 October – 5 November

A quiz based on the latest developments in the business world for the 29 October to 5 November 2014 week. Read and know how well updated you are.

Created On: Nov 5, 2014 15:40 IST

Q1. Who has been appointed as the chairman of India Council for Cultural Relations?

a) Satish Chandra
b) Anshit Chandra
c) Lokesh Chandra
d) Nasir Sinha

Q2. Who was the chairman of Union Carbide Corporation who was blamed for the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy?

a) T Gurrera
b) Warren M Anderson
c) Tom Hanks
d) Steven Mall

Q3. PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry joined hands with which company for World of Industry- INDIA 2014 event?

a) Hannover Milano Fairs India Pvt Ltd
b) Milano Services Pvt. Ltd.
c) Hanna Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
d) None of these

Q4. Guess the Personality who is the CEO of

a) Ben Stark
b) Jeff Ben
c) Jeff Bezos
d) Stark Johnson

Q5. Which company signed a MoU with the Rajasthan Government to establish 5000 MW capacity of solar power?

a) Hewlett Packard
b) Capegemini
c) IBM
d) SunEdison Inc.

Q6. Guess the logo of leading laptop manufacturer

a) Lenovo
b) Hewlett Packard
c) Panasonic
d) Dell

Q7. Who was named as best-performing CEO in the world by Harvard Business Review?

a) Robert Iger
b) Jeff Bezos
c) David Zaslav
d) Marc Benioff

Q8. Which Japanese company announced to invest 627 million US dollar in Snapdeal?

a) SoftBank
b) Acom
c) Alwa
d) None of these

Q9. Emaar MGF Land Limited ied up with payment gateway firm recently?

a) Citrus Pay
b) PayU India
c) Pay time
d) I Zinger

Q10. Who is the author of the book ‘ Supermarketwala’?

a) Pascal Gauvin
b) Damodar Mall
c) David Webster
d) Andrew Coslet

Q.No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
Ans. (c) (b) (a) (c) (d) (c) (b) (a) (b) (b)


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