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With everything going digital, digital journalist has become a very popular career option among the youngsters. Know colleges, courses, salary and job prospects for digital journalists in India.

Created On: Aug 27, 2018 12:57 IST
Career as a Digital Journalist
Career as a Digital Journalist

Thanks to the extremely fast-paced times that we live in, people have also become habitual to getting news and staying updated with the latest happenings in real time. Round-the-clock news is something that has become the norm as far as journalism and news media industry is concerned. This has given rise to a whole new field of journalism i.e. digital journalism.

Digital journalism is an offshoot of journalism which deals with spread information about every relevant happening in the world. With new-age news mediums like TV, radio and new-media internet platforms coming to dominate industry, digital journalism has emerged as a very lucrative career option for youngsters interested in this field. So, let’s find out more about this unique field of digital journalism and get to all the different aspects and nitty-gritties of digital journalism.

What is Digital Journalism?

Digital Journalism is a recent off-shoot of the core journalism field and relates to the news and media industry. Digital journalists have to cover news and present the latest happenings of the day to spread the information among the common people through digital platforms through internet media. 

How is it different from Print / Regular Journalism?

There is a big debate going on currently with regards to if Digital journalism is different from print or what is regarded as regular core journalism. While some eminent journalists are of the opinion that there is no difference between the two, there are a few who consider digital journalism to be quite different which requires different skills and knowledge.

As per me, the only conceivable or obvious different between the two would be the pace at which both the fields work. While digital journalism is real time with news breaks or stories happening instantly, print journalism or the traditional form gets a bit of breather before they have to push out the stories. This gives them a bit of extra room to verify the details and data that is being used to strengthen a news story.


What are the key challenges in Digital Journalism?

As discussed, digital journalism is all about real-time news. Therefore, the biggest challenge that digital journalist face is of time. Majority of the journalists who work in the digital sphere have very limited time to break the news stories. Every news story that they come across is breaking and therefore the time required to verify all the facts and figures is very limited.

Best Colleges and Courses to become a Digital Journalist

There are no separate colleges for digital journalism in India. Being an upcoming field and its familiarity with core journalism, colleges that teach journalism are ideal for students who want to become digital journalists. IIMC – Delhi, Xavier’s Institute of Communication, MICA and others are the most preferred colleges to pursue education in journalism.

Job Prospects for Digital Journalists

With the boom in news media industry, it doesn’t come across as a surprise that the job prospects for digital journalists are very bright. Apart from the established news publication houses like Times of India, Indian Express; there are many other internet-first news agencies such as the Quint, The Wire and Reuters who hire digital journalists in India. Generally the profiles start from field reporting in a particular genre or beat and with experience you can rise the rank in the editorial field.

Digital Journalism - Salary Prospects

The salary of a digital journalist revolves around the same mark as that of a print journalist. At times, thanks to the expansion and growth of the digital media, the salary can be a little higher as well. But on an average, a digital journalist can earn around Rs 3 lakhs per annum while starting a-fresh. And as there is no limit to the compensation that can get once you gain experience and expand your network and knowledge.

So, there you have it. Digital Journalism the one upcoming field that can be an ideal career choice who are interested in joining the booming news-media industry. After knowing about all the different facets of digital journalism, would you like to become one? Let us know through your comments below. If you found this video interesting, please share it among your friends. For more videos related to new age careers, please visit

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