Career as a Voice-Over-Artist

Love your voice? You can use it to earn some big money by being a voice-over-artist. Know different aspects related to career as a voice-over-artist in this video.

Career as a Voice Over Artist
Career as a Voice Over Artist

We hear voices everywhere, be it during a metro ride for our morning commute or watching the evening news with the family or while calling a helpline over the phone. Voices surround us everywhere and make our lives better and simpler in many different ways.

But, who do these calming and smooth voices belong to? They are Voice-Over-Artists. There are people who put in their hard work and effort to record these voices to make a difference in our daily lives. In the digital times that we live in, the importance and dominance of voice-over artists is on the rise. No wonder, then career as a voice-over-artist is regarded as a great choice for youngsters.

So, let’s dive in and try to understand different aspects related to career as a voice-over-artist.

How to become a Voice-Over-Artist?

Generally speaking, the only eligibility criteria to become a voice-over-artist is good voice. While, it may sound very easy, but when it comes to actually doing a voice-over for a video or a character, there are many things that come into the picture. But, primarily a good voice and control over different kinds of voice modulations are the primary requirements to become a VO artist.

Top College and Courses to become Voice-Over-Artist

Being a new-age career option that is still growing slowly, there are no established colleges that offer training for voice-over-artists. But, in the last few years, many private institutes have started offering voice-coaching courses that help interested students to learn the basics. Some of them are:

  • Indian Voice Over's, Mumbai

  • Filmit Academy, Mumbai

  • Voice Bazaar, Mumbai

Apart from this, several established voice-over-artists have also started their own training classes for the same. A simple Google query can help you identify the best VO institutes in your locality.

What are the basic roles and responsibilities of a Voice-Over-Artist?

Voice-Over-Artists lend their voice to different visual projects such as documentaries, corporate videos, e-Books, TV shows and even films. Technically speaking, the core responsibility of a voice-over-artist is transforming the written word into audio or voice. For this, the art of speaking and communication is the key.

Every day, a voice-over-artist reads the scripts, prepares their voice according to the scene or mood that they want to project upon the audience, depending upon the video. It can be voice-over for a car commercial one day or an educational video the next. Voice-over-artists have to read out the script in a way that it sounds an integral part of the video.

Job Prospects for Voice-Over-Artists

Despite being a relatively unknown career choice, the roles and responsibilities that are offered to voice-over-artists are varied. It starts from basic voice-over activities for videos or offering your voice to radio jingles. Once established you can also grab even high value projects such as dubbing for films and tv shows or cartoon shows as well.

Voice-Over-Artist – Salary Prospects

Being a professional career option, Voice-over-artists draw a respectable remuneration in the market. Being a relatively new domain and a small industry, the demand for quality voice-over-artists is great and therefore pay is quite good.

While starting out, you would need a good break and a fresher can expect anywhere between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 for a mid-size VO project. On the other hand, established voice-over-artists that have the right experience and skills have a premium price tag attached to their services. They can easily make around Rs 40,000 to Rs 90,000 per month depending upon the kind and amount of work they take up.

To sum up…

Voice-over-artists are the behind the screen warriors who become the voice of a video. Career as a voice-over-artist is surely a very challenging one but at the same time, it can be a joy ride once you have established yourself in the industry. If you think your voice is great and you would like to share this gift with others, career as voice-over-artists can be the perfect choice for you.

Now, that you know different aspects related to the job of voice-over-artists, please let us know if you would like to become one yourself, through your comments below. Please give a thumbs up to this video if you liked it. Know someone who has a great voice, please share this video to inspire them to build a career as a voice-over-artist. To find more videos about cool career options, please visit

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