CBSE Question Bank for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 7 Glimpses of India: Important for Board Exam 2021-2022

CBSE Class 10 English Question Bank for Chapter 7 Glimpses of India is available here. This question bank is published by the CBSE Board itself. Students can practice these questions to prepare well for their Board Exams.

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CBSE Class 10 English Question Bank for Chapter 7 Glimpses of India
CBSE Class 10 English Question Bank for Chapter 7 Glimpses of India

CBSE Question Bank for Class 10 English Chapter 7 - Glimpses of India includes long and short answer type questions based on important concepts from the chapter. All these questions are published by the CBSE Board. Students must practice these questions to prepare well for their board exam 2021-2022.

Q. Answer in 20-30 words

i. Why does the author in ‘Coorg’ say that the visitors’ search for the heart and soul of India would be found in Coorg?

ii. How did the baker become synonymous with celebrations and occasions in Goa?

iii. Do adventure sports like river rafting and rock climbing require a person to possess just physical strength? Why/Why not?

iv. Pranjol buried his head in his detective book while Rajvir was eager to look at the beautiful scenery during the train journey. Why was there a difference in their attitude?

v. Coorgis belong to a valorous and hospitable race. Comment on this statement with reference to the text.

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Q. Answer in 40-50 words

i. Rajvir did his study before his visit to the tea plantation.

Is it good to do one’s research before the start of a new venture or does it take away from the thrill of discovery? Elucidate your stance.

ii. Inspired by the diversity in the chapter, ‘Glimpses of India’, you wrote an article for your school magazine on the topic, ‘Diversity-the Uniqueness of India’.

Write a paragraph, sharing two key opinions from the article.

iii. The culture, lifestyle and traditions of a place are influenced by the people who lived or settled there at some point of time. Cultural assimilation adds flavour to the existing structure of a society.

Summarise your opinion on the given idea.

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Q. Answer in 100-120 words (beyond text and across texts)

i. Pen down a brief travelogue* entry, narrating any personal impression/s about a visit to Coorg. Include your reflections about the differences between the place where you live and the place you’ve visited.

(*A travelogue is a person’s account of a journey to another country or place. It can either be a written report with many factual details or a narrative story about personal impressions and experiences.)

You may begin like this...

As I stepped into the land of evergreen forests, I was blown away by the pristine beauty and ………………………………(continue)

ii. The narrator shares, “Baking was indeed a profitable profession in the old days.”

a) What do you feel has changed now? Why?

b) State any one way, you feel, the paders can regain their lost glory.

iii. In the chapter, ‘A Baker from Goa’ the narrator talks about his childhood in Goa and his fond memories.

Compare the childhood of Nelson Mandela with that of the narrator.

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