CBSE Class 12 English Important Prose Questions| CBSE Term 2 Board Exam 2021-22

Check CBSE Class 12 Term 2  English core's most important questions from chapters of Prose. The students of class 12 CBSE Term 2 English can benefit from the questions below. 

CBSE Class 12 English Prose
CBSE Class 12 English Prose

CBSE Class 12 Term 2 English exam would be conducted on May 13, 2022. The students of class 12 are now in the last lap of their preparation. Check the most important questions from the English Core Prose part of the syllabus. The questions below would be helpful for the revision before exams and have been asked in previous years. This is why the questions are very important as CBSE is known to repeat the questions. Check and answer the questions listed below. 

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CBSE Class 12 English Core: Term 2 Prose Questions

Book-Flamingo (Prose)

The Rattrap

Q1. Why did the peddler sign himself as Captain von Stahle? (All India 2009)

Q2. Why did the peddler think that the world was a rattrap?

Q3. Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler? (All India 2010)

Q5. How was the peddler treated at the crofter’s cottage? (All India 2010)

Q6. Why was the peddler surprised when he knocked on the door of the cottage? (All India 2011)

Q7. Why did the peddler decline the invitation of the ironmaster? (Delhi 2012)

Q8. Why was the crofter so friendly and talkative with the peddler? (Delhi 2012)

Q9. How did the ironmaster react on seeing the stranger lying close to the furnace? (All India 2012)

Q10. Why didn’t the stranger tell the ironmaster that he was not Nils Olof? (All India)


Q1. Why did Gandhiji agree to the planters’ offer of a 25 per cent refund to the farmers? (Delhi 2009)

Q2. How did Gandhiji help the peasants of Champaran? (All India 2009)

Q3. Why did the servants think of Gandhiji to be another peasant? (Delhi 2010)

Q4. Why did Gandhiji agree to the planters’ offer of a 25% refund to the farmers? (All India 2011 )

Q5. How were Shukla and Gandhiji received in Rajendra Prasad’s house? (Delhi 2012)

Q6. What made Gandhiji demand a 50% refund from the British landlords?

Q7. Why did Gandhiji accept 25 per cent compensation?

Q8. “The battle of Champaran is won.” When and why did Gandhiji exclaim this?

Q9. Why did Gandhiji feel that taking the Cham-paran case to the court was useless?

Q10. What made the Lieutenant Governor drop the case against Gandhiji?

Book-Vistas (Prose):

Should Wizard hit Mommy:

Q1. How did the wizard help Roger Skunk? (All India 2009)

Q2. How did Jo want the story of Roger Skunk to end? (All India 2009)

Q3. Why did Jo think Roger Skunk was better off with the new smell? (Delhi 2010)

Q4. How did Jo want the wizard to behave when mommy Skunk approached him? (Delhi 2010)

Q5. How did Roger Skunk pay the wizard? (All India 2010)

Q6. Why did Roger Skunk visit the owl? What did the owl advise him?

On the face Of It

Q1. What qualities of Mr Lamb attracted Derry to him? (All India 2009)

Q2. What did Derry’s mother think of Mr Lamb? (All India 2009)

Q3. What consolation did people give when they saw his acid burnt face? (Comp. Delhi 2010)

Q4. Mr Lamb told Derry the story of a man who hid in his room. Why did the man do so and with what result? (All India 2010)

Q5. Why does Mr Lamb leave his gate always open? (All India 2011)

Q6. What peculiar things does Derry notice about the old man, Lamb? (All India 2012)

Q7. Who was Derry? What did he suffer from? (Delhi 2012)

Q8. If you were to give a different ending to the story, ‘On The Face of It’ how would you end it? (All India 2013)

Q9. As told by Mr Lamb, why did a man lock himself up in his room and what happened to him? (Compt. Delhi 2013)

Q10. Why did Mr Lamb help Derry? (Compt. All India 2014)

Evans Tries an O Level

Q1. What clues did the answer sheet Evans provide to the Governor? (Delhi 2009)

Q2. What did the Detective Superintendent inform the Governor about Evans? (Delhi 2012)

Q3. What were the contents of the small brown suitcase that McLeery carried? (Delhi 2012)

Q4. How did the Governor find out where Evans was?

Q5. What did the Governor tell the Secretary of the Examination Board about Evans? 

The questions above are very essential for the preparation for the English exam for Term 2. Students can also follow the links below to prepare more for their exams. CBSE has also released the sample papers and additional papers for many subjects which can be checked here. 

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