CBSE Class 9 English Communicative Question Paper SA II- 2012

Here you can find the Question Paper for English Communicative SA II, in 2012 issued by CBSE for Class 9 Students.

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Get the CBSE Class 9 English Communicative Question Paper, SA II issued in favor of the students by CBSE. This will provide you the idea that what type of Questions will be framed in the Exam and from what topics. You will get in familiar with the pattern in which the Question Paper is set exclusively for Summative Assessments. Get in touch with the Question Paper as much as possible and deduce your own method of Success.

Q. Read the following passsage carefully:


Two hundred seamstresses were employed to make my shirts and linen for my bed and table, all of the strongest and coarsest kind they could; which however they were forced to quilt together in several folds, for the thickest was some degrees liner than lawn. Their linen was usually three inches wide, and three feet made a piece. The seamstresses took my measure as I lay on the ground, one standing at my neck and another at my mid leg, with a strong cord extended, that each held by the end, while the third measured the length of the cord with a rule an inch long. Then they measured my right thumb, and desired no more; for by a mathematical computation, that twice round the thumb is once round the wrist, and so on to neck and waist, and by the help of my old shirt, which I displayed on the ground before them for a pattern, they fitted me exactly. Three hundred tailors were employed in the same manner to make my clothes.

But they had another contrivance for taking my measure. I kneeled down, and they raised a ladder from the ground to my neck; upon this ladder one of them mounted, and let fall a plump line from my collar to the floor, which Just answered the length of my coat but my waist and arms I measured myself.

(Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift)

complete the sentences given below:

(a) The narrator's (Gulliver’s) shirt was made of the (a)
(b) Three hundred tailors were employed to (b)
(c) The seamstresses took the narrator’s measurements as he (c)
(d) Nobody measured his (d)
(e) The word that means the opposite of ‘coarse’ is (e)

Q. A team of fifteen students from the Nature Club of your school visited the Ranthambore wildlife Sanctuary at Sawai Madhopur. You felt disturbed at the heavy influx of traffic and tourists’ vehicles in and around the park posing a threat to peaceful and quiet atmosphere needed by the national animal tiger and other endangered species. Write a letter in about 120 words to the Director, wildlife Institute of India (WTI), Dehradun, expressing your concern and anguish stressing the need to impose rules and regulations more strictly to tackle the problem. Take hints from the Unit, ‘Environment’ in your Main Course Book.

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