CBSE Class 9 Social Science Question Paper SA II- 2012

Here you can find the Question Paper for Social Science SA II, in 2012 issued by CBSE for Class 9 Students.

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Get the CBSE Class 9 Social Science Question Paper, SA II issued in favor of the students by CBSE. This will provide you the idea that what type of Questions will be framed in the Exam and from what topics. You will get in familiar with the pattern in which the Question Paper is set exclusively for Summative Assessments. Get in touch with the Question Paper as much as possible and deduce your own method of Success.

Q. Which one of the following was not considered as a quality of an ideal woman in Victorian England?

(a) Able to bear pain and suffering

(b) Being docile and dutiful

(c) Independent and aggressive

(d) Submissive and obedient.

Q. How did the mechanisation of agriculture affect the agricultural labourers and farmers?

Q. “Election Commission is an independent and powerful body.” Give three arguments in supp ort of this statement.

Q. Describe the impact of the First World War on forests of India and Java. Mention any five points.

Q. Write any two, problems relating to poverty still being faced in India. Why did poverty reduction will make better progress in the next ten years?

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