CBSE Guidelines for Parents on How to Deal with Their Kids in Exam Days

CBSE provides guidelines for the anxious parents that how they can help their kids cope with the tough situation arose during board exams.

Created On: Feb 15, 2017 13:20 IST
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cbse guidelines parentsOnly about 3 weeks are left for the CBSE Board exams to start. These three weeks are going to be really hard for the students appearing for the board exams. Studying, revising, practicing, this is all what their daily routine includes these days. A huge cloud of anxieties and exam related stress must be whirling around their mind. Not only the students but their parents also find themselves to be in a tough situation where they don’t know how to avoid a stressed out situation for the child. This is the time when it becomes very important for the parents that they provide the right kind of motivation and a conducive environment for their child.

CBSE provides the guiding steps for the parents to help their child come out of the exam stress and do their exam preparations with a free and easy mind to get the best result:

Here are the guidelines for parents provided by CBSE:     

1. Inculcate your child with the self qualities like self-discipline, self-direction, self-confidence.

2. Encourage your child in the situation when he seems disheartened by his low scores.

3. Without displacing your anxiety on your child, infuse him with the positive thoughts of performing better the next time.

4. Do not impose your expectations over your child. All the achievement goals should be set as per your child’s potentials and abilities.

5. Never let the family disputes to hinder your child’s academics.

6. Do not forget to appreciate your child whenever he/she performs well. Try to boost his morale with the positive statements like, "well done", “keep it up” or “you can do better.”

7. Keep your child’s mind fresh with easy and soft conversations. Try to create humour, so that the tensed, heavy situation becomes a bit lighter for your child.

8. Instead of counting his failures, try to discuss the problems that your child’s is going through and help him to find a solution to the same.

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