CBSE's accreditation methodology to go completely online soon

The CBSE's school accreditation procedure will soon get an innovative support to build transparency.

Created On: May 1, 2014 12:12 IST

The CBSE's school accreditation procedure will soon get an innovative support to build transparency. The Board is presently on course to shift a greater part of the accreditation process online so that all stakeholders can convey continuously and ensure transparency. From 2014-15 academic year, it is obligatory for each CBSE school to get accreditation. Accreditation, authoritatively called School Quality Assessment and Accreditation (SQAA), includes rating schools on both its infrastructure and scholastics.

A private vendor will be picked soon by the board to construct, requisition and keep up a complete innovation result including a focal provision to be utilized by schools, accreditation offices and board staff to deal with the SQAA process.

To seek SQAA certificate, schools send a letter of intent to the CBSE. The board then chooses an empanelled organization, whose job is to help the schools all through the process. The agency will be enacting as the school's "helpline" for any query, till the end. The agency will be providing with all the pre-accreditation data to schools through mail. The school then fills up an online SQAA structure with insights in regards to its infrastructure and academic practices. It is an exhaustive rundown and requires in any event a few weeks of work by the school before the information are entered in the online form.

CBSE appoints a team of Principals called the Peer Assessor Team (PAT), who will go through the documents and evaluate it. The PAT will arrange an onsite visit only if the school gets more than 50% score in the assessment. CBSE will be the first to receive the school's score recorded on a report card, the report will then be revealed to school.

The online framework will empower PAT to access and investigate the proof (printed, checked records and pictures, pictures and features, and so on) of the school assigned to them and on the basis of this analysis the scoring of the designated school is done. The Pat will assisted by the system’s front end solution to assemble and transfer data online which is open to even the board staff. PAT can likewise record video, catch results of physical observation, and transfer the same online. All proof as stated by the domains and sub-domains of the SQQA Manual with date, timestamp, name or affiliation number of the school and the name of the accrediting agency will be recorded. The framework will likewise help CBSE in programmed distribution of one member PAT on a predefined criteria and if need be, procurement of overriding the same.


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