CGPCS Preliminary Examination 2015 Tips and Strategy

For the candidates of Chhattisgarh PCS Prelims Exam, only 25 days remain to study from today. At this stage of time they must have to study by opting or by following better tips and strategies. Here, we have recommended such tips and strategies which will workout for them defintely:

Dec 24, 2015 16:50 IST
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The CGPCS Prelims Exam is to be held on 20th February, 2016. During this short period of time for the study, students must have to be selective. Students should ignore their traditional way of studying during their last leg of preparation. In Chhattisgarh PCS or any State PCS, the preparation of UPSC Prelims will work here effectively. The exam consists of two papers: Paper I (General Studies) and Paper II (General Aptitude test).

Click here for the Chhattisgarh PCS Prelims Exam 2015 Syllabus

Now the candidates have to draw out a good strategy in order to make the best possible utilization of the time available. Here are some tips for the preparation for the CGPCS prelims exam:

  • Decide in the beginning itself what all books you are going to study. Don’t buy too much of books. Select one or two sources for each topic and then stick to them.
  • Take the help of some qualified candidates to decide which books should be read.
  • For paper I, start with reading NCERT books from class 7-12 for History, Geography, Economy, Polity, and General Science. Then read some more textbooks like M Laxmikanth for Polity, Spectrum’s book on History, Goh Cheng Leong for Geography, India Year Book, and some specific book for topics on Chhattisgarh, supplemented by latest data from internet.
  • Read one national newspaper daily.
  • Make your own notes from books and newspapers. Don’t depend too much on any institute’s notes or readymade notes flooding the book shops.
  • Set well defined targets like pages or topics and give yourself deadlines. Keep the targets realistic and set short deadlines like 2-3 days. Make a list of topics that have to be completed in 10-15 days, and as you complete each list, reward yourself by something that you relish doing.
  • Highlight the important and difficult topics while you read any topic. Make a synopsis or short notes that will help you in quick revision in the last week.
  • Devote enough time for Paper II. It carries equal marks as GS and can play a very important role in qualifying prelims. A lot of practice is needed for paper II for scoring well in the exam.
  • For self-evaluation, solve sample papers and previous years question papers. This will give you a reality check and also boost your confidence.
  • Don’t skip newspapers, nor postpone reading them. You will never find time to complete them later.
  • Revision is the most important part. Revise all the topics at least twice, in order to get the best output.
  • Take care of your health. Exercise, eat healthy, avoid junk and outside food, get proper sleep. Do yoga and meditation to increase your concentration and retention power.
  • Keep a very positive attitude while preparation. Have confidence on yourself and what you read.
  • Indulge yourself in some leisure activity like music, painting, dance or a sport, to avoid boredom and monotony. But don’t do that at the expense of your studies.
  • Stop studying at least 24 hours before the exam as studying now will only make you more anxious. Just relax yourself for this day. Feel confident that you have studied all that is required for the exam and that you have given your best possible effort.

Click here for the CGPCS Prelims Exam 2015 Study Material

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