Covered Questions in SSC CHSL held on 1st Feb 2017- Memory based

In this article, we have prepared questions in the regard of SSC CHSL exam conducted in 1st Feb 2017 in the series of consecutive articles. We found it necessary that's why we have embodied it in our schedule. Apart from that find the related articles in this series.

In this article, we have attached the questions obtained from the CHSL aspirants and these questions are based on consciousness of candidates for 1st Feb 2017 exam. These questions would be fruitful in appearing for further exams i.e. SSC CGL, MTS and other competitive exams. Exams held from 7th Jan  to 9th Jan 2017 will be held in two time slots, whereas, remaining exams will be conducted in three shifts. Apart from that, These questions will assist you in figuring out the following things: -

  1. Question’s level based on tricks and time consumption of solving them.
  2. Chapter wise projection of questions.
  3. Repeated Questions in exams for the same session, i.e. 2016-17.
  4. Estimation of Cut off marking, whether it is high or low.
  5. Being ready for planning strategy for the rest attempts.

 ** The following questions are from all Shifts exams generally. As soon, as we get new questions from the remaining shifts then we will upload in the same blog.

Quantitative Aptitude

Morning Shift

Afternoon Shift

Evening Shift

  1. Profit % = 5%, Expenditure = 375 crore, Revenue=?
  2. 1/(tanA + tanB) = (cosA.cosB)/sin(A + B).
  3. A boy goes to school at 12 km/h and a bus is coming from school at 45km/h, if they meet after 36 min, find the distance of school from home.
  4. 5A = 7B = 3C, then A : B : C?
  5. An equilateral triangle has its side equal to the diagonal of a square whose area is 15√3, find area of the triangle.
  6. A company’s expenditure and Profit percentage is given. What will be the revenue?
  7. If 27% discount on an item gives 25% profit, 17% discount will give how much profit?
  8. If after 24% discount, an item sells for Rs.36000, then on 40% discount, how much will the item sell for?
  9. A dodecahedron has 20 vertices. How many edges does it have? 30 edges

10.  Simple interest on a sum in 2 years is 4800 and Compound interest is 5088, find rate of interest.

11.  cos (11π/6) = √3/2.

12.  1/(cosecA + cotA) = sinA/(1 + cosA) or (1 – cosA)/sinA


  1. Side of square is equal to diameter of a circle. Area of circle given, find area of square.
  2. Volume of hemisphere.
  3. Area of triangle given. Find the side.1 / cosecA –
  4. 1 / cosecA – cotA


  1. A person can complete a piece of work in 36 days. If he works for 9 days, how much work is remaining? ¾
  2. If the sum of the roots of a quadratic equation is 1 and the product of the roots is 20, then find the equation. x2 – x + 20 = 0
  3. cot(-5π/6) = ?


 General Awareness

Morning Shift

Afternoon Shift

Evening Shift

  1. Where is the Similipal Tiger Reserve located? Odisha.
  2. Who invented the mouse? Douglas Engelbart
  3. Article 31c of the Indian Constitution is related to? Increasing Judicial Scrutiny of Land Reforms.
  4. What is the full form of RNA? Ribonucleic Acid.
  5. Who authored the book ‘Jaya’ ? Devdutt Pattanaik.
  6. Persian translation of Mahabharata? Razm-nama.
  7. What is the Capital of Finland? Helsinki.
  8. What are kidney stones composed of? Calcium Oxalate.
  9. Nobel Prize 2015 for Physics was given to? Arthur B. McDonald, Takaaki Kajita (For the discovery of Neutrino Oscillations).

10.  Who is the defense minister of India? Manohar Parrikar.

11.  In which year was the RBI nationalized? 1949.

12.  Shahji Bhonsale was from which dynasty? Bhonsale Dynasty.

13.  Who has not scored a double century in one day cricket? Brain Lara

14.  Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station was designed by? Frederick William Stevens.

15.  Angiosperms are? Seed-producing plants.

16.  Who was King Ajatashatru’s father/son? Father:King Bimbisara and Son:Udayabhadra.

17.  Di-chloro-di-fluoro-methane is also known as? Freon-12

18.  Which of the given gases is harmful to the Ozone layer {N2, N2O H2CO3}? N2O (Nitrous Oxide)

19.  Article 27 of the Indian Constitution is related to? Freedom as to payment of taxes.

  1. Whose picture, can you find on the $50 note in the USA? Ulysses Grant
  2. Who invented c language? Dennis Ritchie.
  3. What is the scientific name of the jack fruit? Artocarpus heterophyllus.
  4. Where is Humayun’s tomb located? Delhi.
  5. NaHCO3 is the chemical name of? Baking Soda.
  6. Which of these elements has the lowest melting point {hydrogen, silver, zinc, copper}? Hydrogen
  7. Ottawa is the capital of which country? Canada.
  8. What is the capital of Telangana? Hyderabad.
  9. Ichthyology is the study of? Fish.

10.  Where is Anamalai Tiger Reserve located? Tamil Nadu

11.  Who wrote India 2020? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

12.  Faraday is the unit of? Electric Charge

  1. What disease is caused by a deficiency of protein? Kwashiorkor/Marasmus
  2. What is article 20 related to? Protection of certain rights in case of conviction for offenses.
  3. What is the atomic number of Silicon? 14
  4. How many types of human teeth are there? Four
  5. Which ruler transferred his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad? Muhammad bin Tughluq
  6. Who invented the gas turbine? Aurel Stodola & John Barber
  7. For what subject did CV Raman win a Nobel Prize? Physics
  8. What is the capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli? Silvassa
  9. How many gigabytes of memory is there in one petabyte? 106

10.  How far from the center of earth is the center of the moon? 384,403 km


Morning Shift

  1. A person was initially facing the west. He then turned 90 degrees anticlockwise, walked some distance in that direction and then again turned 90 degrees anticlockwise. Which direction is he facing now?
  2. 122 197 290 ?

Afternoon and Evening Shift

It will be updated soon.

English Language

Morning Shift

Afternoon Shift

Evening Shift

  1. Fill in the Blanks: With a view _____? To.
  2. Idioms/Phrases: Drink like fish. Ans. Drink too much Alcohol.
  3. Idioms/Phrases: Down to the wire. Ans. Until the last moment.
  4. Synonyms: Dabble.
  5. Antonyms: Therapeutic.

Will be updated soon.

  1. Synonym of TRYST
  2. Synonym of REVEL


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So, All the Best!!!




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