Ecosystem-Important Questions & Preparation Tips

In this article you will get the clue that from where and how the questions are being framed from the chapter Ecosystem

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In this article you will get the clue that from where and how the questions are being framed from the chapter Ecosystem.

The experts of have full confidence that you will not miss any of the questions in the board exam as well as in competitive exams from this chapter if you will keep the following terms / question in your mind while studying


Various components of an ecosystem

Definition of productivity, primary productivity, grosses primary productivity and net primary productivity

Units of productivity and primary productivity

Different steps of decomposition like fragmentation, leaching and catabolism

Mention the steps of decomposition which operates on detritus

Role of humification and mineralization in the decomposition process

What do you mean by organic rich soil?

Why decomposition is largely oxygen required process?

What is PAR?

Relation between first law of thermodynamics and energy flow in an ecosystem

Starting matter for DFC is organic or inorganic

Relation between standing crop and biomass

Energy flow in an ecosystem is unidirectional. Justify the statement with an example

Different types of pyramid and their representation

Climax community and ecological succession

What is common between hydrarch  and xerarch succession

Pioneer species

Primary succession is very slow process. Why?

Important features of a sedimentary cycle in an ecosystem.

Salient features of carbon cycling in an ecosystem.

Distinguish between

(a) Grazing food chain and detritus food chain

(b) Production and decomposition

(c) Upright and inverted pyramid

(d) Food chain and Food web

(e) Litter and detritus

(f) Primary and secondary productivity

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