Evolution-Important Questions & Preparation Tips

In this article you will get the clue that from where and how the questions are being framed from the chapter Evolution

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Conclusion of miller experiment

Ratio of gaseous mixtures like the ratio of CH4, H2, NH3 and H2O

How you will correlate the geological and biological history of earth?

Concept of divergent and convergent evolution with suitable examples

Concept of analogous, homologous and paralogous organs suitable examples

How lichens can be used as industrial pollution indicator?

What is adoptive radiation? Give two examples which represent the evidence for this phenomenon  

What is biological evolution?

What are the two key concepts of Darwinian theory of evolution?

Define evolution from the view of Darwin and de Varies

What is saltation?

What is Hardy-weinberg law?

What is genetic evolution?

List all factors which are known to affect Hardy-weinberg equilibrium

Define genetic drift and founder effect

Study of origin and evolution of man on the basis of cranial capacity and civilization

Antibiotic resistance observed in bacteria in light of Darwinian selection theory.

Define the term species

Identify various components of human evolution (hint: brain size and function, skeletal structure, dietary preference, etc.)


Q1. Natural selection is also called ________.
a) Darwin’s theory
b) Survival of fittest
c) Lamarckism
d) A and B

Q2. It is clear that if the normal growing rates of the organisms were to exist soon.
a) he land would stay in normal condition
b) The land would become beautiful
c) Soon a single specie would occupy all the space of land
d) All of the above

Q3. The evolution of a species is based upon sum total of adaptive changes preserved By

a) Natural selection
b) Isolation
c) Speciation
d) Human conservation

Q4. Quick change in phenotypes in a small band of colonizers is called
a) founder effect
b) Genetic bottle neck
c) Genetic drift
d) Genetic flow

Q5.   Which one is used for knowing whether or not a population is evolving?
a) Degree of evolution
b) Genetic drift
C) Proportion between acquired variations
d) Handy Weinberg equation

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