General Awareness: Economic Survey 2012-13 International Trade, India and Global Economy (Set-1)

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1. India's exports, which had surpassed pre-crisis levels within a year in 2010-11 with a record ________ percent growth.
a) 40.5
b) 20.3
c) 5.6
d) 88.2

The Correct answer is a) 40.5
2. Based on GDP data from the expenditure side, the year-to-year growth for real exports of goods and services decreased from a peak of ______ percent in the first quarter of 2011 to 4 percent in the third quarter of 2012.
a) 20.3
b) 5.6
c) 2.5
d) 36
The Correct answer is d) 36

3. As per the schedule of Tariff Liberalisation Programme (TLP) under SAFTA (South Asia Free Trade Area), India has brought down its peak tariff rates to _______ percent w.e.f. 1 January 2013.
a) 5
b) 8
c) 5
d) 6

The Correct answer is a)5
4. Chief negotiator level meeting was held on 29-30 January, 2013 in __________.
a) New Delhi
b) Dehradun
c) Lucknow
d) Kanpur

The Correct answer is a) New Delhi

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