General Awareness: :Olympic Torch Quiz (Set- 1)

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Created On: Aug 4, 2013 15:29 IST

1. When and where did the first olympic torch relay take place?
a) 1940, Munich
b) 1936, Berlin
c) 1932, Stockholm
d) 1944, Finland

The correct answer is b) 1936, Berlin

2. When and where was the Olympic torch first lit?
a) 1928, Amsterdam
b) 1924, Paris
c) 1936, Berlin
d) 1932, Antwerp

The correct answer is a) 1928, Amsterdam

3. At which Olympics was the Olympic flag first hoisted?
a) 1936, Berlin Olympics
b) 1920, Antwerp Olympics
c) 1920, London Olympics
d) 1948, Melbourne Olympics

The correct answer is d) 1948, Melbourne Olympics    

4. Where were the first Olympic games held?
a) Olympia
b) Barcelona
c) Antwerp
d) Athens

The correct answer is d) Athens
5. The Ancient Olympic Games were made a part of the religious festival in the honour of which mythological deity?
a) Perseus
b) Heracles
c) Zues
d) Eros

The correct answer is c) Zues

6. In which Olympic, the torch relay was introduced ?

a) 1928 Summer Olympics
b) 1932 Summer Olympics
c) 1936 Summer Olympics
d) 1940 Summer Olympics

The correct answer is c) 1936 Summer Olympics

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