General Awareness: Quiz on Pope Francis 1 (Set-1)

General Knowledge Quiz. Test your general knowledge and general awareness with our questions and answers on

1. ______________ is current pope of the Catholic Church.
a) Pope Francis
b) Pope Pius IX
c) Pope John Paul II
d) Pope Urban VIII
The correct answer is a) Pope Francis
2. Bergoglio was elected pope on the second day of the ________ papal conclave, taking the papal name Francis.
a) 2010
b) 2013
c) 2011
d) 2012
The correct answer is b) 2013
3. The predecessor of Pope Francis was ______________.
a) Pope Pius IX
b) Pope John Paul II
c) Pope Urban VIII
d) Benedict XVI
The correct answer is d) Benedict XVI
4. The Birth name of Pope Francis was _______________.
a) Jorge Mario Bergoglio
b) Pius Jorge
c) Mario Paul
d) Pius Paul
The correct answer a) Jorge Mario Bergoglio
5. Nationality of Pope Francis is __________.
a) Argentine
b) Indian
c) Australian
d) African
The correct answer is a) Argentine

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