Group Discussion: Computers result in Unemployment

Computers are an excellent discovery. They have made many things easier for the masses. Are they increasing unemployment? It`s a very important topic for group discussions in MBA entrance exams also. Read and find all the aspects of the topic.

Created On: Jul 23, 2014 16:16 IST

Every aspirant need to crack Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds after cracking the MBA entrance exams. We at Jagranjosh have brought a complete coverage of supporting and against points on a very debatable topic today. Does use of computers result in unemployment.

Computers have made a remarkable position for themselves in the world today. People across the globe now perform most of their work using computers due to speed, accuracy and reliability. With the increased applications, features and modernization of techniques there have been a lot of alterations and tremendous trend changes in it’s usability that has been well explored, adopted and utilized by humans.

If we look into it’s widespread application and usage in today’s date we may conclude the fact that people mostly rely on computers now a days. This has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

There has always been a change in the trend either positive and productive or negative and destructive. Same is the case with the introduction of computers.

Computers may or may not result in Unemployment that totally depends upon how we perceive and take it in our lives.

Computers may result in Unemployment as:

1. Multitasking: Computers are multitasking gadgets that can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and that too at a much rapid pace. So, in many places they have replaced man and still doing so hence probing us towards more unemployment.

2. Simpler, easy and convenient: Computers always make the assigned tasks go simpler, easy and convenient thereby reducing multiple manual efforts. Hence unemployement prevails in such circumstances.

3. Dependability: man has become so much of dependable that even he/she himself/herself never wants to perform rather wants the computers to do the same. Hence human beings are unknowingly creating huge unemployment for themselves.

4. Mechanical life: Computers have made the human lives go mechanical. Earlier there used to be manual operators in helpline calls etc that has been replaced to a great extent by computer generated IVR systems that repeat recorded messages. So, the employment is a grave threat in lieu of computer usability.

On the contrary, looking into the topic from an altogether different location says that it doesn’t result in unemployment rather creates one or remain neutral as:

1) Compatibility: Computers since can perform multiple tasks simultaneously with speed and accuracy it’s just a matter of fact that hos compatible a human being or an existing employee is to use it and handle it. If an employee is well versed in opearting it this adds to his credibility in return. So no chances of unemployment. One just needs to understand and work accordingly.

2) Increased job openings: Due to installation of numerous computers in various departments and organizations on a large scale there always is an obvious need of a computer literate, skilled and well-versed person and so multiple vacancies comes into newspapers, job portals etc. So, it creates opportunities of employment.

3) Reverse dependability: It is a well known fact that, “claps are not an art of single hand, it requires both hands to be executed practically.” Similar is the case with computers. Being made by man, it needs some real person to operate and function, as it can’t work on it’s own neither can it operate in isolation whatsoever and howsoever be it advanced. So there is a reverse dependability of computers on man and hence employment persists.

4)  Hub of employment opportunities: Since it’s inception and application of internet connection computers have always been a prioritized and prime source of information regarding various job opportunities on various web portals and websites. So it acts as a source of employment indirectly.

In nut-shell, looking into the broader prospects one thing is evident that if human has created anything then it reflects both positive and negative colors of innovative establishment of itself. Similarly computers and it’s applications make the life easier by making tougher tasks look go easy on one hand but reducing manpower on the other to a certain extent. It depends upon how we people deal and take it’s usability in our lives.

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