5 tips for students to stop their bad habits right now

Students have good as well as bad habits. These bad habits stop them to achieve their goals. Students should avoid any bad habit that is affecting them by implementing the tips mentioned in this article.

Habits of Unsuccessful Person
Habits of Unsuccessful Person

Every person has some bad habits, it is a fact but another fact about every one of us is that we have some or other good habit that can save us from our bad habits. We do not realise that these bad habits can stop us from achieving our goals in the long run. And, only we have the power to change the habits that affect us in negative ways, it is the willpower that helps us. Students who are in their teenage often do not realise how some of their habits are affecting their lifestyle, academic as well as their career decisions. The bad habits in student life can be termed as - 

  • Poor time management
  • Bad decision making
  • Laid back attitude towards goals
  • Unhealthy habits like overeating, drinking, smoking etc.

To break bad habits, students need to develop some useful strategies as mentioned below that will help them focus on your goals, academic and themselves –

1. Set a new schedule to start your day – To take a break from bad habits, students need to begin their new day with new things that will divert their mind from such habits. It is not unknown that the way you start your day definitely affects other activities of the day. If you start your day with a positive mindset will make your outlook positive for other things too. For example, the best way to start your day positively is by getting up early. Now, you just cannot decide to get up early and follow it regularly, you need to adopt this habit gradually.

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2. Start writing about your decisions Keeping a diary for your daily activities and reminders also helps you in keeping track of your decisions. If you have not adopted this habit yet, then begin now. You will soon realise that how the decision or things you have adapted yourself to, affect you. Also, it will also give you an overview of your bad decisions. What are bad decisions? The decisions that are not well thought about regarding its effects and consequences are called bad decisions. These decisions are often taken at the moment when something good or bad happens to us. For example, If a student gets more marks in one subject, he thinks that he doesn’t need to devote extra time and efforts in the subject as he has already excelled in it. This is a bad decision because he is being negligent of the fact that he should not be careless about his studies irrespective of if he is doing good or bad on the subject.

Therefore, in order to take better decisions, students should keep track of all their decisions by writing them in a diary. And not just write, do cross-analyse all your decisions and activities over the course of the time.

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3. Acknowledge your bad habitsIf you do not realise your bad habits then how will you take measures to improve them?. You can take help from your family or friends, by asking for feedback about negative things in you, because only second or third person can help you acknowledge the bad habits in you. For example, you bite your nails, for you, it's an activity that you do subconsciously but your parents know that it is a bad habit for your health and mind as well. Why students bite/eat their nails? There are a number of reasons that make students bite their nails such as getting bored, nervousness, stress, or simply they see someone doing it. If parents or friends address this habit then students should consider it and take corrective measure to avoid it.

4. Set realistic goalsStudents in their teenage, generally are not good decision makers because they lack foresightedness. When they are in class 9th to 12th, they can only think about their school life, academics or they think how their college life should be as they see in movies or television. Not setting right or realistic goals give you poor direction in life. Students need to focus on determining the real and achievable goals for them.

5. Practice meditation and take breaks from devicesStudents generally develop bad habits because they want to keep their mind busy and hence, they turn towards things that affect them negatively; For example, playing the game online, watching television for hours etc. To save themselves from these bad habits, students can start practising meditation and light exercises and also they need to stop or minimise the use of mobiles, laptops or any other technical device. They should participate in outdoor activities and become more active in life.

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Conclusion: Students need to implement these tips in their day to day life as it will help them take a break from/avoid any bad habit. These tips will be helpful in giving students a positive approach towards their life and activities.

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