How to attempt ‘Essay’ in RBI Grade B Phase II?

Every candidate must have a list of important topics. Economic and social issues are of utmost concern. Editorials of “The Hindu”, “The Economic Times” are a good source to prepare for the essay portion. Last but not the least, important data should be revised, which will leave a better impression with the examiner.

The RBI has conducted the RBI Grade B phase I examination successfully.The phase II examination is scheduled to be held on 19 September 2016. There have been some changes in the pattern of RBI examination, but the English Section containing a portion of an argumentative essay comprising of 40 marks is still there. The overall duration of the paper is 90 minutes containing 100 questions altogether. The paper on English shall be framed in a manner to assess the writing skills including expression and understanding of the topic. The Paper may include Questions on essay writing, précis writing and comprehension etc. Candidates will have to type answers with the help of the key-board of the computer. Usually, a candidate preparing for banking exam masters the Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English as well as General Awareness questions and learns to apply the shortcut tricks. Therefore, most of the students find writing an essay bit difficult.

It is very important to remember that writing a good quality essay is very much needed to clear the sectional cutoffs of the paper. Having assumed that a student is well equipped with the knowledge this essay discusses the strategies to write a good quality essay.

How to choose a topic?

This exam gives 5 choices on five different topics for writing an essay. One can choose any 1 topic from the given 5 choices but should required caution that time to select the topic. Selecting a wrong topic could take more time consumption from your most valuable time.

Try to concentrate 5 minutes on given choices and then choose your topic. After choose your topic and before you are going to write, try to make the essence of your points in your mind. If you not make essence of your point and start writing, then it will become a problem because after a while you might become wordless. So, if you are able to make a good essence of your topic, then only set one for final, otherwise move to other topic.

Grammar that is used by you in essay should be correct, simple, basic and fundamental. Whenever you are writing an essay, you are giving the evidence of your knowledge and ideas to an examiner. At the time of writing an essay, you should try to use simple language that is easily understood by the examiner. You should also try to make small sentences instead of big and lengthy sentences. Usage of wrong tenses and incorrect grammar create negative impression in front of examiner. These mistakes may infest the examiner.

In this paper, the examiner is not looking for somebody who is an expert in English. They only search for a candidate who describes his/her ideas and thinking in the right way through the writing.

Before writing an essay, it is more important to arrange your points in a logical sequence that makes sense. The structure of an essay consist firstly Introduction, then body and after that conclusion.

How to write Introduction of the essay?

The structure of an essay very first includes the Introduction. In the first paragraph of your introduction should try to make a good impression on examiner. Never start your introduction line with any idioms and saying words. It won’t make a good impression.

After the introduction lines, you should try to write some informative lines about your topic. In these informative lines, write about the trend of the subject matter over the past few years.

Now, writing about to the Present facts. In the present facts, it includes that How it exists, how it is related to current scenario etc.

Writing an introduction has a limit within 150 – 180 words. When you are writing an introduction, always remember that your introduction should be interesting. Always make it as more creative and interesting as you can.

Body of the essay:

Body is the second part of an essay after the introduction. At the time of selecting a topic, the information or essence that a candidate has memorized should be written here. You should try to write the important information about the topic in bullet points. When you are writing in paragraph, Highlight or underline the important information. If you are writing with blue pen, you can highlight the important information with the use of red or black color. But remember one thing that you should only color 5-6 important lines overall the body. If you color so many lines, it will make the examiner confuse or irritate. 

Conclude the essay properly

After completion of your body section, next step is conclusion. Before start your conclusion, you should try to summarize your all lines of essay. Start your conclusion with the important points, which you have written in your essay. After the important point of your essay, write down the related pros and cons of your topic.

The conclusion of an essay also includes the solution. So after write down the pros and cons of the topic, next paragraph should provide the solution pertaining to the problem being discussed. Primarily, they are of two types; first the partial solution wherein the candidate needs to furnish the solution for the negatives being written in the essay, whereas the second one is the whole solution, within which the topic of the essay is itself a problem, such as, climate catastrophe and the candidate is required to provide some solutions as to how to deal with that.

Proof Reading is important!

The candidate should never forget to proof read the essay once he/she is done with writing. Often it is a wrong thinking that complete sentence has been written, but some words could have been missed and that is why proofreading the essay is a wise investment of time. It could normally take a couple of minutes or a more to proofread an essay of 500 words.

Important Tip: Last but not Least

The candidate should never be over aggressive in writing the essay. It should be balanced proportionately while being argumentative at the same time. Every pros and cons of the topic should be judged and written in an unbiased manner.

Every candidate must have a list of important topics. Economic and social issues are of utmost concern. Editorials of “The Hindu”, “The Economic Times” are a good source to prepare for the essay portion. Last but not the least, important data should be revised, which will leave a better impression with the examiner.

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