How to become an Air Hostess?

Dreaming for becoming an Air Hostess, but you don’t know what all is important for it. Then, here have the complete guide of what all is important for you to become an Air Hostess.

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How to become an Air Hostess?
How to become an Air Hostess?

To know what all is important for becoming an Air Hostess and how to become an Air Hostess, keep the reading continue as here we have provided all what you require knowing.      

Job Responsibilities

With Aviation industry witnessing enormous growth, ‘Air Hostess’ as a profession promises for the heaps of the opportunities and financial prosperity. For this, an Air Hostess requires to carry out slew of duties. Here the complete list of what all an Air Hostess is supposed to do.

  • Providing exceptional customers service during flight

  • Escorting elderly passengers at the time of takeoffs and landing

  • Serving drinks, snacks, meals and collecting trays, trashes, and glasses before landing of the plane   

  • Ensuring that all the passengers are seated and secured before takeoffs and landing of the plane

  • Instructing passengers on all important security measures and procedures

  • Covering evacuation procedures during landings or crashes

  • Making sure that all the equipments of the cabin are working properly before the takeoff of the flight

  • Attending the medical emergencies and reporting them after the lading of the flights

  • Counting the inventories and reconciling the payments after and after the flights


The salary of an Air Hostess depends on Airline which she attends as an Air Hostess. Generally, an Air Hostess earns around Rs. 28000 to 50,000 monthly. But, but if you’re an experienced in the field then you can earn more than 70, 000 per month. Attending foreign airlines is more beneficial than attending the domestic one, because it provides up to Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh as monthly salary.  Here the list of what domestic airlines are currently reimbursing to Air Hostess.

  • Spicejet- 35500

  • Air India- 42750

  • Vistara Airlines- 30050

  • Air IndiGo- 33750

  • Jet Airways- 36455

  • GoAir- 31175

  • Jagson Airlines- 28450       


As far as eligibility is concerned, there is standard eligibility criterion that one needs to fulfil for becoming an Air Hostesses. Here the complete details.


The candidates require at least qualifying their senior secondary examination to pursue the courses for becoming an Air Hostess. If you want to pursue PG Air Hostess courses then you need to pass your graduation.

Age and Marital status

Generally, the airlines prefer to recruit Air Hostesses within the age group of 18 years to 25 years. But, this may applicable on recruitment at every airline, because the age limit for becoming an Air Hostess depends upon the policy of the institutes. Apart from age limit, the institutes prefer unmarried girls. But, some institutes allow married women. Therefore, the marital status also depends upon the policy of the institutes.    


For becoming an Air Hostess, the height of 5.2’’ or 157 cm is required. And the weight of the candidates should be in proportion to their heights. The skin complexion should be fair and clear. Physical fit and attracting candidates can easily start building their career as an Air Hostess.


Like physical fitness, medical fitness is also important and crucial for becoming an Air Hostess. The candidates shouldn’t have any mental-illness- history and must have the eyesight of ‘6/9.’

Required Skills

Apart from required minimum qualifications, you need some skills to build your career as an Air Hostess. Here, have a look of skills which are necessarily required for building career as an Air Hostess.

  • Knowledge of two or more languages and knack of speaking and understanding English 

  • Good communication skill

  • Interpersonal communication skill

  • The ability to stay calm even during emergencies

  • Diplomatic skill 

  • Good colour vision and hearing


With the Aviation industry witnessing enormous growth, becoming an Air Hostess can be the good decision, especially for the women who have just qualified their senior secondary examinations and complete the age of 18 years. In this article, we have provided all what the candidates require to begin building their career as an Air Hostess.

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