How to ‘sell a pen’ to your interviewer?

'Sell This Pen,’ don’t turn your face from this challenge as you can’t evade this very question if you are planning your career in sales. Be prepared with witty answers and reply to the interviewer using the tips we are suggesting here.

How to ‘sell a pen’ to your interviewer?
How to ‘sell a pen’ to your interviewer?

Are you planning your career in sales sector and now got into days & night pre-selection preparation? You may have memorised many theoretical replies for the questions that, you think, might be asked in your job interview. But, what if your interviewer asks you to sell any product to prove your skills? You’ll definitely begin looking for a suitable reply.

To know how to handle if an interviewer asks to sell any product and what the most suitable replies to this question are, keep reading the suggestions, tactics, and tricks we are enlisting here.

Don’t get nervous, annexed, and worried

Most of the interviewers ask candidates to sell anything to him sometimes at last minute of the interview or sometimes in the mid of the interview. They asks so after getting replied with the answers that cover candidates’ self introduction, skills, expertise, past experience, educational and professional qualifications, and past designation. Sometimes, even experienced professionals can’t withstand the challenges they encounter with and get nervous, annexed, and worried which an interviewer can easily read on the face of the candidate. The candidates begin fumbling that result their immediate rejection.

Keep the conversation alive and going on

Don’t take more than usual time to react. Keep the conversation alive and going on. Begin communicating the preamble to the subject before framing your answer in effective, impressive, and reasonable manner. Then, reply politely taking pause and full stop when it’s required. Always keep your conversation continue. Don’t react as if you got uncomfortable with this because your interview may read your anxiety, nervousness, and discomfort on your face. So, first contain yourself before doing else of the things.

Ask questions

Why do you want to purchase this product?  What purposes will it serve if you purchase it? What more you expect it can do? How much do you want spend on purchasing? What features you’re looking for in the product? Through the answers of these questions, a salesperson gets able to figure out the requirement of the customer. After this, the salesperson highlights the unique features of the product and projects them as a USP (unique selling point) of the product before the customers. So, try to frame best, effective, and impressive questions for the interviewer if he/she asks you to sell anything.

Try to spot the real purpose

Though, the candidates aspiring in an interview know why the interviewer is asking him/her to sell anything, but it isn’t actual purpose which he himself thinks about. Try to spot that one. After being loaded with the pinpointing answer, strategise your course of conversation and highlight the features of the product in accordance with pinpointing requirement of the product.Never keep the conversation single sided. Make it interactive. Try to ensure that your interviewer is interested during the entire show.    

Don’t treat it as an one time interaction

‘How do you turn your first time customers into base or regular customers’ is the things what an interviewer look for in candidate through asking ‘sell this product.’ So, try to spot very basic purpose that product can serve at the point of time. Than after, strategise friendlier course of conversation so that it can turn your first time customer into base or regular customers. Try to build his/her trust in the organisation whose product you are asked to sell.

Highlight the features, and usps of product that you’re asked to sell

Before diving into the conversation, spend a moment to list out the basic features and USPs of the product that you’re asked to sell. At First, highlight the basic features getting the USPs of the product counted to your interviewer. Tell the interviewer how it’s beneficial and best for him. With taking on every aspect of the requirement and features of the product, persuade your interviewer to buy the product.


It often keeps the candidates baffling for the right answer when their interviewers ask them to sell any product. Such questions occur, especially in the job interview of the sales sector. And for the most suitable, impressive, and effective replies, they begin looking for the right answers. It never serves their needs. In this article, we have included what can serves the same.

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