IAS Prelims 2014:How IAS Toppers Interview is Helpful

The insight of the Topppers can change the world view of the Civil Services Aspirants.

Q. How the Interview with the IAS Toppers can help the Civil Services Aspirants in their Preparation?

“Straight from Horse’s mouth” is an old idiom which simply means ‘from an authoritative or dependable source’. This can’t be any more relevant than in the context of UPSC Civil Services Examination.The interview with the IAS toppers helps in building the Perspective related to the exam.

An interview of a topper can help an aspiring candidate in the following way:

  • ‘What not to read’ is more important than ‘what to’- As the Name suggests, General Science is too General, but you will need to make it more specific then only the preparation can be reliably managed. Only Topper’s can guide an aspirant through the clutters of the available material. On every topic a plethora of material can be found both on the book shops and on the internet but it’s a smart choice of the relevant material which differentiates between a winner and a looser.
  •  It’s a long journey, you got to be motivated all along - Watching or reading to a topper’s journey can rejuvenate the spirit of an aspirant.  This is one exam where you need to be extremely clear and focused and that too for a long period of time.
  • ‘It’s not my cup of tea’ syndrome - As IAS exam is arguably among the world’s toughest exam so it is commonly found that student’s, especially from rural areas and so called disadvantaged areas/communities, think it as ‘impossible’. Many toppers have humble background and they have made it through to the top. After all, winners are not from other planet.
  • You got to be an all rounder, only book can’t help you win – A topper’s interview can help us to familiarize ourselves to the whole ecology which is a must to be  understood rather than an isolated academic preparation

Thus, going through the journey of a topper can play an important role in providing clarity, sustained motivation and also a spirit of persistence to the aspiring civil servants.

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