Money Management: Idioms that can give college students some financial wisdom

Managing your college life on pocket money is a challenge. These idioms will give you the necessary wisdom to survive a college month on shoe-string pocket money.

Nov 29, 2017 15:22 IST
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Money Management: Idioms that can give college students some financial wisdom
Money Management: Idioms that can give college students some financial wisdom

As a college student there is hardly a time when you don't feel cash-crunch. Getting through an entire month on the shoe-string budget that is designed on your college money is a challenge that every college student faces. Despite all the additional efforts of asking your parents for extra money, cutting down on expenses or doing that part-time jobs; you still can’t manage your monthly expenses. No matter what method you resort to, college teaches you some great skills about money management. When you think of all this, the only relation that seems to be there between a college student and money is that of the problems of an all time shortage of money and the stress because of that.

So, is it like that the discussion on topic of money cannot be a fun and interesting moment for a college student. It sure can be. There might be a dearth of money in the life of college students but there sure isn't any dearth of fun and interesting saying and idioms about money. Hold on to that hard-earned cash of yours as we take you through a fun ride with some really interesting expressions related to money.

Fun and interesting idioms about money

Idiom: To Have Money To Burn

Meaning: This expression actually conveys the meaning that a person has more money that what he requires.

College Students’Take: If any person has more money than he requires, why would he want to burn it. If you really have that much why not spare some for the broke college students.

Idiom: To Make A Killing

Meaning: The expressions means to make a large amount of money.

College Students’ Take: For college students this idiom means nothing, as they are always short on cash. And even if they did make a lot of money, it would only be used to pay off their earlier debts either at the canteen or the chai-wallebhaiya or Maggi noodles stall.

Idiom: To Tighten The Purse Strings

Meaning: The expression means to reduce the amount of your monetary spending.

College Students’Take: Well now this is a good trick, isn't it? Tighten your purse strings so tightly that it takes your roommate forever to pull those money bills out of your purse without permission. You'd never again face the problem of missing money from your purse.

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Idiom: To Be Flat Broke

Meaning: The expression actually means to have no money at all.

College Students’ Take: This is one idiom that most college students will directly relate to. Be it the start of the month or during the last week; chances are you would have hardly any change left in your wallet or purse.

Idiom: To Foot The Bill

Meaning: The expression actually means to pay for something, on a more specific notes it means the situation when a single person pays the bill for a group of people.

College Students’ Take: Indian college campuses are known for the brotherhood and camaraderie that students have among each other. Thanks to the cash-crunch, ‘going Dutch’ or sharing even a cutting chai is almost a norm on Indian college campuses. Therefore, this is the most un-relatable idiom wisdom on this list for college students.

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Idiom: To Be In A Hole

Meaning: The expression means to be stuck in a debt.

College Students’ Take: College students end up spending most of their month in debt. It is only during the first week of the month, when they receive pocket money or salary from part-time jobs that they can hold their head up high. So, one can actually say that college students are ‘in a hole’ for almost their entire college life.

Idiom: Pay Through The Nose

Meaning: The expression means to pay too much money for something.

College Students’ Take: In India, maintaining a respectable status in the society is often termed as ‘naankuunchirakhna’ but as seen above, when you are spending 23 days in a month under debt, it is very difficult to hold anything high including your nose. So, ‘paying through the nose’ would be an utopian concept for most college students in india.

Idiom: Money For Old Rope

Meaning: The expression means to take a up a job that's an easy way of earning money.

College Students’ Take: Old rope or new, if college students can smell money even miles away they will surely run towards it blindly. Part-time jobs, waiter jobs or any other; if it can help bring in some extra bucks, college students won’t mind taking it up.

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Hope, you enjoyed reading our version of idiom wisdom for college students. So, the next time a friend of yours is feeling low or stressing about the money problems in his life cheer him up with one of these expressions. Why should money be only a topic of worries and tension for the students? College life is meant to be fun, partying with friends, convinced that you are living the life of a king. Let money be also a source of fun and laughter in your life.

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