Moving to hostel? Expect to experience these 8 things

It is tough to leave comfort of home but most students are happy about moving to hostel as it gives them freedom. Here are 9 things they should expect from hostel life.

Created On: Sep 16, 2020 18:53 IST
Moving to hostel? Expect to experience these 8 things
Moving to hostel? Expect to experience these 8 things

Starting college is like entering in a new phase of life. New city, new friends, new experiences, new responsibilities these are just a glimpses of what awaits you. One of the biggest change that occurs in the life of most students is shifting to college hostels. The nervousness and anxiety of having to move to a different city and sharing your room with a stranger etc, it all fades away in the excitement of the freedom that college life offers. And although, hostel life can be a lot of fun there are some aspects that you must be aware of before embarking upon the new roller coaster ride of being the naive hosteller. Thus, in this article we have shared some hostel life experiences that you should be prepared for.

You'll Experience mixed emotions

You might feel homesick but at the same time you would also be pretty excited about living alone. It will be like a feeling of nostalgia has grabbed you and you can't just shake it off. Living away from home all on your own can be a little difficult. But isn't that what you wanted all along? Life in a hostel might not initially be as much fun as you thought it to be. But everything has its own pros and cons, right? So, why not make the best of what you have. There are some experiences that you can have only as a hosteller. So, just relax and try to settle in your life as a college student. Because once you graduate in a few years you'll look back fondly at these experiences that you had in your hostel. 

The fear of ragging 

This is one of the biggest worries of the students going to college. The nature and the extent of ragging in hostels depend on the degree of strictness of the hostel rules. A lot of universities have made ragging a punishable offence in the light of some tragic events that happened in last few years. So, chances are that you might not have to experience it. But if by any chance you do, you must be prepared for it. Senior students usually call it an introduction process and ask the first year students to dance or do mimicry and other such acts. Most of the times they are simple acts, but sometimes the tasks can get nasty or discomforting so, be prepared to brace yourself for the same. However, as mentioned before ragging is a punishable offence so if you see it happening in your hostel its best to steer clear of the students partaking in it and inform the college authorities at the earliest possible.

The fight for food gets real

At hostel, rules of eating are strict and the menu is monotonous. It was only back at home where you'd get piping hot food served on the table while you were fondly watching your favourite sitcom. Here you'll have to rush to the mess at meal times and beat your fellow hostellers to it. Because if you reach a little too late, the paneer in matar paneer would vanish in no time and gravy is all what you will have with chapati. Also, be prepared to have the same weekly menu served to you month after month as hostels usually have a fixed weekly menu.

The nights will no longer be for sleeping

Well, you will not really turn into an insomniac; it's just that your sleeping schedule will change. Night time is for gossip as everyone is finally in their rooms after classes and extracurricular activities. The trick is that this session is hard to end as the loop is tough to break. Once you get into the gossip mode, the entire night passes in a blur. So, when do you make up for the lost sleep? Well, as expected in the classes and lectures the next morning. Eventually gossiping becomes a ritual. It also has some perks, like it gives you a golden chance to witness the mesmerizing sunrise views from hostel roof with your friends or an early dawn stroll to your favourite chai spot.

Going to college in pyjamas

Since you live inside the campus, dressing up might become a pain for you at some occasions. You will go for classes in your pyjamas and flip flops which will distinguish you from day scholars who have to dress up because they travel to college from home. If you decide to dress up for a change, brace yourself for endless questions about whether you are going on a date (Because why would you dress up otherwise?)

You won't need reasons to party

There will be multiple jam sessions for no reason whatsoever. There will be a random announcement asking you to reach the common hall for dancing. Why? Because you can! With no one to impress around, these dance parties will be super fun and might be followed by a round of (sneaked in) hard drinks. Waking up for classes the next morning will be a tough task but you will have to. Bunking classes means low attendance which means a notice to your parents. And that is something you do not want done at all.

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Scarcity of money

Since most of your expenses include things and activities you can't tell your parents, managing money will be a tough task while living in the hostel. You will learn how to come up with creative excuses to do get more money from home. Tweaking the amount of fee and sudden medical expenditure are some widely used excuses to burn a whole in the pocket of your parents. Some of you might also be lured to take up a paid internship or a part time job to earn extra money. All in all, it will be a good learning experience.

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Everything will be done in groups

With 200 people around you all the time, it is tough to resist the desire to study, gossip or just do about anything in a group. This will make every activity a fun activity. For example, studying late night before a tough exam or a test can be difficult but with so many people doing the same, you will stay motivated to burn midnight oil.

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To conclude,

These are just a few moments that will fill your dull life with sheer excitement as a hosteller. Remember that every college has a different crowd; depending upon the course and circumstances, expect unique moments in your life. All in all, living in a hostel can be a life changing experience and you will definitely cherish it for years to come. For more such articles on college life, please visit our website,

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