Interview Questions That Are Often Asked In Job Interview

The interview questions which oftenbaffle the candidatesduring the selection process decide their fate. Here’re what these are.

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Tough Interview Questions you must prepare for!
Tough Interview Questions you must prepare for!

Job seekers who face series of procedures during job selection process often get confused with the replies of the different types of the questions the interviewers ask. The tricky, complicated, complex, and statistical replies keepthem baffling. But what makes candidatea strong contender for the job is the prompt, right, effective, and reasonable answers that he/she gives to the interviewer. For this, they need to know what the interviewer is likely to ask.

To know what questions you might face during your job Interview, keep reading the different types of questions we have suggested here.

Questions About You

The interviewers often begin interviewing the job aspirants with putting up the questions related to his/her personal life. The replies of such question cover the all basic information about the candidate. It ranges from study, family background, permanent address, current address, marital status, hobbies, and political beliefs to religious beliefs. Most of the candidates often fail to explain even this. They get fumble while explaining their answers.  This lead to their immediate rejection as it’s the very first and most crucial interaction that takes place between interviewers and the candidate.

Questions About Qualification

After knowing complete basic information about you, the interviewers enquire about educational qualification, professional qualification, motivational point, and others. In these sections of the interview, the interview gets able to determine whether the candidate is qualified for the job or not. And the interviewers also try to ascertain if the job aspirant is overqualified for the job. It’s the second opportunity for the candidates to give pitch to their claims for the job. 

Questions About Performance

In this section, the interviewers ask series of the questions that covers all about professional behaviour, and past achievements of the candidates. The answers of such questions include attitude towards the assigned work, habit that often critised, behaviour with colleagues, attitude to the problems during work, how to motivate team members, and some others. Through the replies, the interviewers become able to ascertain whether candidate is fit to work in the environment of the organisation.

Questions About Work Experience

Amid the ongoing strategic talk, the interviewers pick something from resume and begin asking questions. He/she talks candidates on almost all the contents of resume. It may be about work experience, extent to which the job expectations of candidate met in previous organisation, key responsibilities in previous organisation, past mistakes and lessons taken from them, personal experience of working in previous organisation and biggest accomplishments or failures. During this course of action, most of interviewers seek to know every aspects of working culture of the candidate and try to ascertain if the hiring of the candidate is beneficial for organisation or not.   

Questions About Leaving Previous Organisation

Job aspirants often get uncomfortable, especially when the interviewers ask them why they left last organisation. And they start fumbling while replying to such questions. This often causes immediate rejection. So, think about what we have suggested here.

  • Why are you leaving your current job?
  • Why were you removed?
  • Why did you leave your organisation?
  • Why did you put down your papers?
  • What have you been doing since working in last organisation or company?
  • Why have you been unemployed so long?

Questions About Salary

As a candidate, an individual reaches this section of discussion if he/she impresses the interviewer. The figure of salary determines how the organisations take the work of its employees. Some of the candidates fail to negotiate their salaries before their appointment. They begin facing hardships when their salaries fall short. On another hand, some of the job aspirant asks for the salary much more than the expectation. This also leads to the rejection of the candidate. So, get prepared to reply the questions as per the CTC are getting in your current organisation. 

Question About Your Hiring

Why should we hire you? Why shouldn’t we hire you? How is it beneficial to appoint you in our organisation? Answering such questions is often hard for the candidates who face such unexpected queries during the job interview. Get ready with tricky, strategic, polite, and humble replies of all such questions.


There are different types of question which are asked in job interview. It may be related to your personal and professional lives, failures, advantages, achievements, and other. Through the replies of the candidates, the interviewers try screen whether the hiring of the candidate is beneficial for the organisation or not. With this article, we tried to help those who are planning to face their job interview.

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