Quit Hard work, start doing Smart Work at Office

Gone are the days of hard work. If you want to complete your office work and achieve desired results, you will have do smart work in your office.

Quit Hard work, start doing Smart Work at Office
Quit Hard work, start doing Smart Work at Office

Aggressive targets, strenuous working hours and thousands of commitments; take any job today and these things will remain the same. Today, the challenges faced by working professionals have increased tremendously and completing your daily work has become a race against time. Since our childhood, we have been told that there is alternative to hard work and working hard will solve all your problems eventually. Well, sorry to burst your bubble that simply doesn’t hold the same value it did a few years back. Simply doing hard work, without any consideration for the results, efforts and return will not fetch you the desired results. This is here ‘Smart Work’ comes into the picture. Today, as an employee you will have to be a smart worker in order to juggle between multiple responsibilities and achieve your targets at the end of the day.

But doing smart work is not every one’s cup of tea, especially when you don’t even know where to begin. To get you started, we have listed down a few key points that will help you get started with doing smart work at office.

Plan your Work Ahead

There is a reason why majority of successful people maintain a daily planner; it helps them plan their day well. The first and foremost factor in doing smart work is to plan your work well in advance. Without proper planning of all the tasks at hand, you will just be running around doing several things at the same time without focusing on any one of them. Therefore, planning your work, especially daily office work well in advance will give your day a structure and make it more fruitful. While planning your day at office, figure out the critical tasks that require your immediate attention and tackle them first. Preferably, keep all the heavy tasks such as number crunching, data analysis, ideation and others for the first half when you are mentally more relaxed. Second half can be dedicated to clerical and executive tasks.

Avoid Multitasking

With increase in job responsibilities and juggling between different tasks, multitasking has become a norm on new-age offices. But ask any management guru who has made a dent in the corporate world and they will confirm that multitasking is an overrated activity that isn’t effective at producing the desired results. Multitasking might seem like the only solution to working effectively in office that is far from truth. When you are multiple tasks at the same time, you eventually end up not giving the due time, importance and attention to any of the tasks. Therefore, it is always better to focus on one task first, as per the priority ordered decided in the planning phase and ensure that you are fully focused on it. This will help you complete the task in shorter time while also making sure that your work of productive.

Start saying ‘No’

With several people giving your orders and requests at the same time, prioritizing tasks on the go becomes a major challenge. No matter how well you plan your day, a sudden requirement is bound to pop-up in the day that will disturb your planned schedule. In such circumstances, you will have to evaluate the requirement and understand its importance before committing to the work. You cannot complete everyone’s task at the same time or in the same day. Therefore, you must start saying ‘No’ to requests that are not a priority and inform them politely that you will include the same in your schedule the next day. By saying ‘Yes’ to each and every one, you will only end up putting unnecessary pressure upon yourself and if you are unable to deliver upon the commitment it would show poorly upon your professional attitude. Therefore, it’s better to say to some tasks that cannot be accommodated in your daily schedule.

Stay Calm & Relaxed

Finally, coming to the most important and pivotal point of the discussion, in order for you to work smartly, you must always be in control of the situation. The more relaxed and calm you are the better you will be able to understand the work at hand and deliver the results expected by your colleagues and organization. Therefore, make it a rule to stay calm and relaxed at all times during office hours. Take regular breaks because incessant staring at a computer screen when your mind is blocked is not going to help you. So, if you feel you are going through a mental block, go out for a walk or catch up with your colleagues. It will refresh your mind and when you get back to your work, you will be able to do it better than before.

Some of the points mentioned above might seem very obvious but they have proven to be very effective in getting things done for working professionals. So, before you ignore them completely, do give them a try and see the difference in your work life and performance. For more interesting articles about work life and Office Gyaan, please click here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get interesting insights about office life directly in your inbox.

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