Resume Action Words: What are they and Why should You use them?

Want to build an impressive Job Resume? These Resume Action Words will help you not only to improve your Resume but also to leave a lasting first impression on your interviewer.

Created On: Feb 6, 2018 10:06 IST
Job Search Tips
Job Search Tips

The old adage ‘Opportunities don’t happen, you create them’ is very much true when it comes to Job Search, especially for Job Resumes. But, merely listing your academic and professional achievements won’t really help you stand out in the eyes of the interviewer. You will need to include specific ‘Action Words’ which highlight your skills and give the interviewer a clear understanding of your abilities.

What are Resume Action Words?

Resume Action Words are words that every interviewer is familiar with and which help them understand the professional profile of the candidate. Action words are the terms that best describe the skills and abilities of the candidates; thereby allowing the interviewer to judge their professional competence. Some examples of resume action words are: accomplished, designed, initiated, led, and so on. These are just a few examples and they may vary depending upon the profile of the interview candidate.

Many job interview candidates have started avoiding the use of key Action Words in their Resume in order to stand apart from the crowd. However, they still remain very important and must not be skipped. If you really want to stand out and apart from other interview candidates, you should instead focus on choosing the best action words that best describe you.

Let’s look at the three key reasons why you must include key action words in your resume:

1. Saves Time and Effort: Job Resume Action Words are a very effective tool to save time and effort in building an impressive resume. With the standard set of action words that are used to describe your skills, you will need a lot less time to create a Job Resume. Similarly, a Job Resume with key Action Words is also appreciated by recruiters, as it helps them to quickly scan through the document and get a fair idea about your abilities and qualifications. This save a lot of time for the Hiring managers who have to analyse hundreds of Job Resumes to shortlist interview candidates.

2. Increases Chances of Automated Selection: In today’s digital day and age, many companies have adopted automated selection or shortlisting process for job interview candidates. Such Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) help large organizations to shortlist candidates for job interviews based upon their key qualities and traits. The automated system selects candidates based on the key Action words that are included in the Job Resume. Therefore, using the right action words might be the key to getting an interview call from big companies who use ATS or automated systems for shortlisting interview candidates.

3. Better Reading Experience: Let’s admit it! When it comes to Job Resumes, most of the times they are repetitive. Therefore, to make sure that you present all your personal, academic and professional achievements in an organized manner, using Job Resume Action Words is very important. Interesting and relevant action words help you present your skills in a systematic manner without being repetitive.

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