What is the role of System/ Business Analyst in SBI?

The technology-driven banking industry needs IT innovative professionals. There is ample room to grow your skills and enlarge your values and become innovative in technology.

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System analyst role in SBI

In present era there is a great role of technology in banking industry. Digital banking is the future of banking. Banking industry needs innovative IT professionals. India's most valued Public Sector Company, SBI has invited application for the System/ Business Analyst recently.

Educational Qualification for System/ Business Analyst in SBI: Engineering graduate in Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Electronics or MCA/M.Sc. (IT)/ Msc. (Computer Science) with MBA in System / Finance/ Operations or equivalent qualification from reputed Institute.

Eligibility for System/ Business Analyst in SBI: Minimum 5 years of experience in IT Business Analyst role.

 Preferred: Candidates from Financial services IT captive organisations. Expertise in process engineering and understanding of Business requirements to convert them into technical.

Let us see the job role of System/ Business analyst in SBI.

  • Define IT strategy: As a System/ Business Analyst, you have to define IT strategy and solution requirements to the technical team and monitor the development and implementation of the solution for specified product. Thus, the System/ Business Analyst must have a sound IT knowledge to communicate and coordinate with IT team effectively.
  • Regular research on tech market: As a technology analyst, you have to do research on a regular basis on tech market and update the business process accordingly. You have to research other companies and industries to compare and measure performance guidelines to find new ways to control costs, increase efficiency.
  • Evaluate the Business Process on regular basis: A system/business analyst job role also involves updating and improving the business process time to time. With the introduction of the new software, tools, app etc modifying the business process will become a part of your daily job.
  • Understanding the needs of multiple stakeholders: As a system/ Business Analyst, you have to involve more in the elicitation process, navigating the competing needs of multiple stakeholder groups, clarify an end-to-end business process that is accepted by all groups. For example, a simple update to the accounting system can impact the many other departments like sales, customer service etc.
  • Define and Monitor project requirements: You have to define the project requirements by identifying project milestones, phases; forming project team; establishing a project budget. Simultaneously monitoring the project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; etc.


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