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In this blog, we have given a glimpse of salary details for various posts appointed through SSC CHSL 2016 along with their promotio criteria and career growth during their tenure. Must visit to acknowledge full details.

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Staff Selection Commission of Government of India notified for the examination of Combined Higher Secondary Level 2016 for recruitment in various posts of postal assistant or sorting assistants in post offices across the country, lower division clerks in various departments of the central government and also central government organizations along with Data Entry Operators in those places and court clerks. The vacancies vary from post to post as there are 3281 vacancies for postal assistant, 1321 for lower division clerical staff, 506 for data entry operators and 26 for court clerks. This is a very good opportunity for aspirants who want to join the central government and at the same time, prepare for other government jobs and competitive examinations. In this article, we shall try to give you an idea regarding the salary and the career growth offered in these posts so that you can take an informed decision which will help you study harder for this examination which is scheduled in January-February 2017 with the tier II in April 2017

SSC CHSL 2016: Salary Details

Salary is a very important aspect of a job because if only you are getting salary commensurate to the work you put in, you will have mental satisfaction. Let us find out about the salary details in these posts:

  • Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants: This post carries a grade pay of Rs 2400 with the pay band being in Pay Band I i.e. Rs 5200-20200. This is according to the pre revised scale of salary as the government now follows the pay matrix system according to the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. The gross salary for this post in a metro city will be around Rs 26000 and after deductions towards NPS and tax, you may get around Rs 23500 in hand
  • Lower Division Clerks: This post carries a pay band of Rs 5200-20200 with the grade pay being Rs 1900 as given in the official notification, though it is according to the pre-revised formula of calculation of salary. This takes your gross salary to Rs 20000 in a metro city and after deduction towards NPS and other heads, you are going to get Rs 18000 in hand at the end of the month
  • Data Entry Operator: According to the official notification, there are two grade pay scales associated with this post with the one being Rs 2400 and the other being Rs 1900. The pay band, however, is the same for both the cases. This takes the gross salary for grade pay Rs 1900 to Rs 20000 in a metro city whereas for Data Entry Operators with GP 2400 is entitled to Rs 26000 in a metro city, as we have already seen earlier
  • Court Clerks: This is the first time this post has been included in SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level and the GP associated with the post is Rs 1900 and the pay band is Rs 5200-20200 for the post. This takes the gross salary to around Rs 20000 in a metro city as discussed earlier whereas you will get around Rs 18000 in hand

SSC CHSL 2016: Promotion Details and Career Growth

Another important aspect of any job is the growth offered in that job as being in the same position is stagnating and at the same time, it does not satisfy the ambitious young generation of today. Let us see the career path defined in these posts

  • Sorting Assistants / Postal Assistants: As postal assistants, you will be doing the daily routine work carried out in the post offices. If you are not going to appear for departmental promotional examinations, you will be promoted to MACP I, II and III respectively within 10, 20 and 30 years and the grade pay associated with these posts are RS 2800, Rs 4200 and Rs 4600 respectively. However, you can appear in the Postmaster Grade I examination after completion of service of 5 years and after that in subsequent similar time frame can appear in Grade II and Grade III examinations. At the end of your career, you can become the Chief Postmaster (Grade A) in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc
  • Lower Division Clerks: Once you are appointed as LDC in any department, you are eligible for promotion to UDC after 5 years of service but you have to pass the departmental examination conducted by SSC. After that, you can appear for Assistant Section Officer posts in the department after completion of another 5 years with the next being Section Officer and most of you will retire as section officers if you start working as LDC in the central government. Section officer is a gazetted post with grade pay being Rs 4800 and the pay band being Rs 9300-34800
  • Data Entry Operator: Once you are appointed as data entry operator in the government organizations, you are going to get promoted by appearing in the departmental promotional examinations generally conducted by SSC. The path of career progression is Admin Support Assistant II, Admin Support Assistant III, Personal Assistant II and Personal Assistant III for this post
  • Court Clerk: This is a relatively new post recently introduced in SSC CHSL examination 2016. Once you join as a court clerk, you can move up to the positions of Senior Court Clerk, Personal Assistant, Senior Personal Assistant with passing of departmental competitive examinations.

SSC CHSL is a very good opportunity for candidates who have just passed the higher secondary as they will get government jobs after passing this examination. Moreover, the jobs are not at all stressful and most of the time, you will be free to do your own work even in office. So, prepare your best for the examination and give your best as well so that you can crack it in your first attempt itself

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