SBI PO Exam 2017: Vocab Quiz ‘Kulbhushan Jadhav row: Real game changer will be what India does now’

To help you to enhance your vocab, take a look at the below-mentioned article taken from a leading print magazine ‘The Economic Times’ (dated April 13th, 2017). The difficult words are in bold along with their synonyms, antonyms, and how they are used in the form of a sentence.

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SBI PO Exam 2017
SBI PO Exam 2017

According to Wikipedia, vocabulary is often defined as “all the words known and used by a particular person.” It sounds impossible for a person to know or to learn all the words exists in the English dictionary. But, knowing certain words and their usage in an apt situation is considered an art and also a measure to gauge one’s knowledge. A person is deemed knowledge only if he/she is able to speak, write, and speak clearly or able to articulate oneself. So, an honest effort should be made to know and learn new words every day in order to make your ‘vocab’ bone stronger.

Article: Kulbhushan Jadhav row: Real game changer will be what India does now

The narrative turned south, rather suddenly. Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit was scheduled to turn up at South Block on Monday to meet foreign secretary S Jaishankar and convey his country’s gratitude to the Indian Coastguard for rescuing Pakistani fishermen.
Instead, he ended up being summoned. Why?

Because hours before his ‘thank you’ meeting, a Pakistan military court ordered execution of Indian national and former military officer Kulbhushan Jadhav on charges of alleged espionage.

The state of the relationship nosedived within minutes. Basit, whose chequered stint here continues to make headlines, found himself at the receiving end while, on the other hand, New Delhi was in for more bewilderment when its high commission in Islamabad received a note for condition-based consular access well after the execution order was passed.

This all too familiar tale of Rawalpindi and Islamabad acting seemingly at cross purposes with each other may have augured well for some Indian hard talk to follow but, in reality that was just necessary fireworks. The real play begins now as India debates response options.

And here, the Modi government has consistently sought to resize tolerance limits, thereby distinguishing itself from predecessor governments. Measured, calibrated and backchannel approaches have given way to out-of-the-box visible, sometimes in-your-face, perception-based responses.

In other words, what you see is largely what you get even though the hype may appear exaggerated at times. Put simply, the restraint UPA government showed post-26/11 is no longer an option on the table, especially after the surgical strikes following the Uri attack.

For that very reason, if Pakistan has chosen to escalate matters on the Jadhav case, then it presumably must have gamed the compulsion for a strong Indian response. And if it hasn’t, then it would be an inept reading of the popular mood shift in India —one which has swept the BJP to power.

In fact, the commonest errors in assessing the India-Pakistan dynamic these days is the lack of appreciation of the fundamental ways in which the domestic orientations of India’s Pakistan policy has changed. While no one is rooting war, the fact is that the popular expectation is for the government to do whatever it can to ensure Pak-sponsored terrorism and its benefactors in Rawalpindi don’t dent Indian aspirations and by that logic, Indian pride.

It’s a heady political mix that in a way leaves little or almost no scope for old school strategic restraint. In other words, the game changer in the current situation will be what India does and not what Pakistan has done.

Be it inviting the neighbourhood leadership, including from Pakistan, to the swearing-in ceremony, or making a sudden stopover at Lahore, or for that matter conducting surgical strikes, it must be admitted that the real surprise package has come from New Delhi in past three years.

Which is why Jadhav’s death sentence gambit by Pakistan’s deep state is fraught with danger, especially because it reignites a dynamic that was being gradually reset to lower temperatures in recent months.

 1.     Alleged (adjective) (कथित): Alleged is used to refer to someone who is accused of having done something wrong or illegal but not yet proven guilty.

Synonym: Purported, stated, asserted, professed

Antonym: Unquestionable, genuine, actual, confirmed

Sentence: He is declared an alleged murder in the court of law.

 2.     Espionage (noun) (जासूसी): Espionage refers to the practice of spying or using spies for discovering of secrets.

Synonym: Spying, intelligence, shadowing, tailing

Antonym: None

Sentence: Espionage for political and military is still done under scrutiny of the government.

 3.     Nosedived (verb) (भारी गिरावट): Nosedived refers to a fast and sudden fall to the ground with the front pointing down.

Synonym: Decline, go down, plummet, plunge

Antonym: Advance, ascend, increase, rise

Sentence: With the BREXIT, the stock market nosedived at its worst.

 4.     Chequered (adjective) (विचित्र): Chequered refers to having a pattern of different colors or the period of good and bad incidents happened in one’s life.

Synonym: Flecked, flowered, ornate, patterned

Antonym: Plain, monochrome, non-integrated, un-patterned

Sentence: He had a chequred resume with lots of gaps in between.

 5.     Bewilderment (noun) (हैरानी): Bewilderment refers to the state of being confused and puzzled.

Synonym: Confusion, perplexity, disorientation, puzzlement

Antonym: Certainty, calmness, assurance, clarity

Sentence: His lie left her at the state of bewilderment.

 6.     Consular (adjective) (दूतावास संबंधी): Consular refers to something which is related to a consul or a consulate.

Synonym: Diplomatic, ministerial, diplomat, ambassadorial

Antonym: None

Sentence: The role of Consular in a foreign city is much beyond their job description.

7.     Augured (verb) (पूर्व सूचना देना): Augured refers to be the sign of especially good or bad things in the future.

Synonym: Foreshadow, foretell, portend, presage

Antonym: Fair, promising, stupefy, contraindicate

Sentence: The politicians augured their winning/loss from the foretellers.

 8.     Calibrated (verb) (अंशांकित / जांच करना): Calibrated is to check, adjust or determine by a comparison with a standard.

Synonym: Graded, measured, registered, serialized

Antonym: None

Sentence: The new EVM machine was calibrated for the polling procedures in order to ensure its objectivity.

 9.     Gambit (noun) (चाल): Gambit is an act or a remark that is calculated to gain an advantage.

Synonym: Artifice, design, gimmick, jig

Antonym: Frankness, honesty, just, original

Sentence: His resignation was a gambit in order to get a raise.

 10.Presumably (adverb) (संभवतः, शायद): Presumably is to be capable of being presumed or taken for granted.

Synonym: Apparently, doubtless, probably, seemingly

Antonym: Improbably, uncertain, unlikely, questionably

Sentence: After the retirement of the President, presumably, the vice-president of the company will take the superior role.

 Question (1-5): Answer the following as directed

 1.Find out the words which mean the same as ‘restraint’ (अवरोध)

  1. Constraint
  2. Assistance
  3. Indulgence
  4. Agitation
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (1)

 Explanation: The given word refers to the rules and conditions that limit or restrict someone or something. So, from the above-given options, option (1) is a right choice as the synonym of the word.

 2.     Find out the words which mean the same as ‘benefactors(उपकारी)

  1. Opponent
  2. Backer
  3. Antagonist
  4. Challenger
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (2)

 Explanation: The given word refers to someone or something that confers a benefit. Hence, from the given options, option (2) is the correct choice as the synonym of the word.

 3.     Find out the words which mean the same as ‘inept’ (अयोग्यता)

  1. Capable
  2. Dexterous
  3. Skillful
  4. Bumbling
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (4)

 Explanation: The given word refers to someone who is not skilled or effective. Therefore, from the given options, option (4) is an apt choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.

 4.     Find out the words which mean the same as ‘exaggerated’ (अतिशयोक्ति पूर्ण)

  1. Believable
  2. Sensible
  3. Preposterous
  4. Actual
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (3)

Explanation: The given word refers to make something seem larger or more important, better or worse than it really is. Hence, from the given options, option (3) is the right choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.

 5.     Find out the words which mean the same as ‘predecessor(पूर्वज)

  1. Forebear
  2. Derivative
  3. Successor
  4. Descendant
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (1)

 Explanation: The given word refers to something or someone that has been followed or replaced by another. Therefore, from all the above options, option (1) is the right choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.


Word of the Day


Meaning (English) – refers to make something greater

or increase the power, status or wealth of.

Meaning (Hindi) –बढ़ाना / प्रशंसा करना

Synonyms – Enlarge, ennoble

Antonyms – Abridge, condemn

Example My father claims that those that aggrandize their status in the eyes of others end up losing whatever it is that they have.

उदाहरण –मेरे पिता का दावा है कि जो लोग दूसरों की आंखों में अपनी स्थिति बढ़ाते हैं, वे सब कुछ खो बैठते हैं, जो भी उनके पास होता हैंI

कंप्यूटराइज्ड ऑनलाइन बैंकिंग परीक्षाओं की तैयारी कैसे करें?

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