Should schools stop assigning homework

The idea and purpose by schools to give homework to students is debated and also the rationale behind is being discussed for a long time. The two sides that oppose and support the notion are yet to come to a solid wrapping up.

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Children spend around 8 to 9 hours at school during which they take lessons in the classrooms, do their assignments, have their tests, attend workshop, go to the laboratories for practicals, once a week get sports period to play, and usually it goes on for six days a week, with only Sunday being the off day.


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The purpose of all these and other added regimen is to instil in them as much knowledge as possible so that they not only learn their syllabus but something extra that will add up to their overall development.

Homework is one very important part of this process and has been a part of students’ lives for a very long time. With the burden of studies increasing there have been many demands to stop the practise of assigning homework while there are many who believe that homework helps students stay in touch with their studies and sharpen their skills further.

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Let’s discuss both the sides.

No, homework should not be given: Homework is just like being in school even after we get home. We are given assignments that rob us of our time that we should be using to relax, play, watch TV, spend time with family, pursue our hobbies, and chill out with our friends.

By the time school gets over and we reach home we are tired and with homework, on our hands, we can’t relax as we have to complete the assignments or else we will be punished.
Teachers already teach our lessons during school hours so it does not make sense to give us, even more, to study at home. What we do at school is enough and after reaching home we want our own free time and space because we already spend more than 8 hours at school. Let us chill out, enjoy with our family and friends, or just sleep or take rest.

Reports say that there are countries that don’t follow the practise of giving homework to kids.

In fact, homework is more like a forced irritant and most of us have to do it against our will hence it hardly serves any purpose and is a waste of time as it is usually done in a hurry.

Then sometimes we have to stay up late to finish our homework and as a result, we wake up tired for the school the next day. A tired child only wants to do something different than studies.

It slowly affects our health. Moreover, we get homework for different subjects leaving us confused. Homework adds up to the stress which is really harmful. Even our parents get tired after they finish their work at their jobs and come home exhausted. Just imagine if we ask them for any help with our homework in that situation.

Let us go out, get some fresh air, talk to people, play with friends, have occasional parties etc. Let us have the privilege of leading a balanced life. Just like adults want to keep their professional lives separate from their personal lives, we kids too want it that way.

Yes, homework should be given: We spent just about 8 or 9 hours at school and that includes the recess time. We need a few minutes to settle down for every session and that takes away precious time so it is not possible to cover the syllabus by studying at school only. That is why we need to get homework so that we do not lag behind.

There is a very strong reason that for so long homework has been assigned and it is for our benefit only. The time we get to interact with our teachers at school is not enough to understand the topic fully. We get only a few hours daily to cover a wide range of subjects which is not sufficient to grasp all.

Homework provides us with the much needed time we need to understand all the different subjects and topics at the comfort of our homes. It is difficult for teachers to supervise every single student but if students do their homework then teachers can check their work easily during their free time. This way they can monitor the progress of every single student and give the feedback and also help the concerned student accordingly.

When we study at home there is very little or no distraction and we can study with more concentration and focus.

When we study at school we only get the surface knowledge whereas homework lets us delve into the topics and comprehend in a better way. As the lesson is fresh revising it at home will consolidate it further. Students will also gain more confidence as they will work on their own and even if they make mistakes they will rectify them on their own. This self-dependence will prepare them for future.

Teachers give the work which is relevant and appropriate to the syllabus and they plan it that way only and it keeps the students interested. Education is not limited to schools and that is why homework is given for home so that the student does not lose touch with the curriculum and stays connected. Homework will help us learn as well as practise.

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