Should fast foods be allowed in schools

There are different views on allowing serving of fast food items in schools and we present both the notions that support and oppose the idea of serving fast foods in schools.

Junk food good or bad for school students
Junk food good or bad for school students

Whenever we discuss the hot topic about health of school students, the discussion revolve around consumption of fast food by students. Fast food or commonly called junk food is the most favorite meal of students of every age. They can call fast food joints by name if they are asked 'what type food do you like' or 'which is your favorite junk food?'. In broader terms, fast food can be described as a type of food that is processed and served very within minutes, for e.g. sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries, pizza, and noodles. It has been argued that fast food is not exactly as healthy as regular food. And school students are in the most crucial years of development physically as well as cognitively and it is really important to know what type of food they should consume and how it affects their health.

Here we discuss that based on the popular views should fast food be allowed to be served in schools or not.

Yes, fast food should be allowed in schools:

  • Fast food should be allowed in schools since every individual has the freedom and fundamental right to choose what they eat. Moreover, it is delectable and students love to enjoy it with their friends.
  • Fast food is not only easy to prepare but also takes less time and it can be arranged for a large number of students. It offers a lot of variety with different cuisines from many different countries and cultures presenting with many choices. This will save students from the regular monotonous and boring items. The raw material required is not so expensive and it makes for reasonably priced options. This is beneficial for those students who cannot afford expensive food stuff.
  • Fast food lets students consume fruits and vegetables as supplements which make for the nutrition value. Many food items are actually low on oil, carbohydrates, fat, and calories so there is no harm in eating this food stuff. We have been eating fast food for a long time and many people actually relish these dishes without showing any negative or harmful effect.
  • One big advantage is that the regular eaters know what exactly goes into the making of a particular product hence there would not be any doubt about what they are eating.
  • New items are now available that are even more healthy and come with choices for those who prefer vegetarian food. Students are wise and smart and they know what and how much to consume. Even few regular foods are not suited for all and might upset the stomach or cause other problems.  

No, fast food should not be allowed in schools:

  • Fast food should not be allowed in schools as it would be consumed by young students who are ignorant of its harmful effects. If fast food is allowed in schools then they will be eating it daily which will harm their health as fast food is very high in calories, oil, carbohydrates, and fat which result in an increase in weight leading to obesity, lifestyle diseases, an imbalance in blood sugar lever etc.
  • Fast food is heavy in oil content and is prepared from processed ingredients. These are difficult to digest and get deposited inside the body. There is high quantity of preservatives and chemicals that are mixed with them so that they have long shelf life giving mostly stale and old food items.
  • There might be a few individuals who know about the exact ingredients that go into making a certain food product but not everyone is that well informed and they go by the taste and looks of it. Not much information is available about how these fast foods are prepared hence it is unsafe for consumption. This is also linked to the hygiene issue.
  • Teenagers are very much likely to be addicted to these foods and they might skip their meals at home keeping them away from the family lunch and dinner time.

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