SSC CGL exam reasoning study material: Analogy-I

In this article, we have prepared a set of 10 questions with answers hailed from Analogy chapter of general intelligence & reasoning. Let us go through them-

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SSC CGL reasoning Analogy
SSC CGL reasoning Analogy

SSC CGL exam is one of the most awaited exams among the young graduates. There are four subjects in SSC CGL exam and General Intelligence & Reasoning is one of them carrying equal number of questions & marks as the other section. It is very important to practice reasoning questions systematically to score well in the SSC CGL exam.

Hence, in this article, we have prepared a set of 10 questions with answers from Analogy chapter of General Intelligence & Reasoning. Let us go through them-

SSC CGL reasoning study material: Analogy

1. Army is related to Land in the same way Navy is related to ______.
a. Defence
b. Water
c. Admiral
d. Marshal
Ans.:- b.
Explanation: - Army is a division of armed forces, which operates from land and Navy is the division of armed forces deployed in the ocean and equipped with heavy naval ships and frigates.

2. Malaria: Disease :: Spear: ?
a. Wound
b. Weapon
c. War
d. Sword
Ans.:- b.
Explanation: -
Malaria is a disease spread by Anopheles mosquitoes; while spear is a weapon, which is used in the ancient era for killing animals.

3. Muslims: Mosque :: Sikhs: ?
a. Medina
b. Fire temple
c. Gurudwara
d. Golden temple
Ans.:- c.
-Muslims pay their prayers at mosque similarly Sikhs pray in the Gurudwaras.

4. Bird: Fly :: Snake: ?
a. Crawl
b. Clatter
c. Stroll
d. Hole
Ans.:- a.
Explanation: -
The Bird is known for flying in the sky; similarly snake is known for crawling on the ground. Second one is the activity of the first one.

5. Sorrow: Death :: Happiness: ?
a. Dance
b. Cry
c. Birth
d. Love
Ans.:- c.
Explanation: -
Sorrow is one of the causes of death; similarly, Birth is one of the causes of Happiness.

6. Dettol: Antiseptic :: Phenyl: ?
a. Antidote
b. Detergent
c. Deodorant
d. Preservative
Ans.:- c.
Second is the property of the first one. Dettol is used for its antiseptic properties on wounds, while phenyl is used for its aromatic properties in deodorant.

7. Needle: Clock :: Wheel: ?
a. Walk
b. Road
c. Weapon
d. Vehicle
Ans.:- d.
Explanation: -
Needle is the part of a Clock; similarly wheel is a part of a vehicle.

8. Wood is related to Charcoal in the same way Coal is related to ____ ?
a. Smoke
b. Coke
c. Ash
d. Fire
Ans.:- b.
Explanation: -
Charcoal is prepared after processing wood; similarly coke is produced after coal processing.

9. College is related to Students in the same way Hospital is related to ____ ?

a. Engineers
b. Doctors
c. Patients
d. Nurse
Ans.:- c.
Explanation: -
Students are taught in a college; similarly patients are treated in hospitals.

10. If Waves are to Air in the same way Ripples is to ____.
a. Storm
b. Smoke
c. Rain
d. Water
Ans.:- d.
Explanation: -
Air flows in the wave form; similarly water flows in the form of ripples.

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