SSC CGL jobs: Field jobs vs Desk jobs

In this article, we have elaborated the details about field jobs and desk jobs offered by SSC in terms of posts and their responsibilities wise. So that, you can decide;for which one, you would like to opt.

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SSC CGL is the common graduate level recruitment examination, which is used to shortlist and selected candidates for different profiles under Group B and Group C level positions. While the examination for SSC Jobs is common the job profiles and the responsibilities handled by the appointed officers differ vastly. The key way in which SSC CGL Jobs are classified, is by their nature i.e. Field Jobs & Desk Jobs. Clarity about the nature of work and the type of SSC Job profile that you seek is very necessary from the preliminary stages itself, because the SSC application form requires candidates to mention ‘preference of post’ on the basis of which the final posting of the candidate will be done in respective ministry. Many SSC candidates have reported having difficulty in making this choice due to lack of awareness about different job profiles on offer and the nature of work they are involved in. To help such candidates out, we have compiled a comprehensive guide detailing all relevant information about all SSC Field Jobs and SSC Desk Jobs.

SSC Desk Jobs

Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile

SSC Desk Jobs as the name suggests, is primarily an office based job, where in deputed officer has to work within the confines of four walls. Generally, Ministry Assistants, Auditors, Tax Assistants, Accountants and Upper Division Clerks are the SSC CGL job profiles that have desk job operations. The work is mainly concentrated around documentation and clerical operations of the department the officer is appointed at.

Roles and Responsibilities of Assistant in railway Ministry – SSC

Pros of a SSC CGL Desk Job

• Fixed working hours, generally 9 to 5 every day

• Fully covered, air-conditioned office environment

• Less frequent transfers

• Ideal to enjoy social and family life

• No Uniforms, weapons to be handled by desk officers

• Ideal to prepare for other government examinations like IAS, Banking, etc.

• No physical standards to fulfill in order to qualify for the job

Cons of a SSC CGL Desk Job

• Formal work environment with fixed reporting time to office

• Low social status and power compared to SSC CGL field jobs

• Work mainly confined to files and clerical work, no adventure

• Monotonous job profile with mechanical work culture

• Some profiles for Assistant CSS / Assistant in central ministries, requires you to move to Delhi

• Profile of Assistant MEA requires you to move of country

Job Code

Job Profile Name

Job Profile


Assistant (Central Secretariat Service)

Assistant CSS are appointed in different ministries as clerical officers. The job profile requires the appointed officers to prepare notes and reports that can be used by seniors and ministers either for records for to assist in the formulation of policies. Appointment is generally done in different central government ministries in Delhi.


Assistant (CVC)

Assistant (CVC) officers are appointed to the Central Vigilance Commission – the apex agency monitorin all activities conducted by central government ministries and organizations. The Assistant (CVC) is a clerical profile that involves updating of case files, maintaining records, liaison with respective authorities for data and information and other associated duties. Appointment is genrally done at CVC office in Delhi.


Assistant (Intelligence Bureau)

Despite being part of the Intelligence Bureau, the job profile of Assistant (IB) is restricted to computer work and data analysis for the most part. Postings are either done at State headquarters or IB cells or national headquarters in Delhi, depending upon the requirements.


Assistant Railways

Assistant in Railways is one of the most preferred job profiles available through SSC CGL Examination. The selected officers have clerical work profile. Assistant Railways enjoy excellent perks in terms of free travel and others, which makes it a great opportunity for many. Officers are appointed at Railway HQ in Delhi.


Assistant  (Ministry of External Affairs)

Assistants appointed in MEA is again a very popular SSC CGL job profile as it offers opportunity to work in foreign countries under Indian missions and embassies. However, as far as work profile is concerned, the job involves clerical operations like compilation of reports, answering communications and maintenance of records. While not appointed overseas, Assistant MEA will be posted in Delhi.


Assistant  (Cypher / MEA)

Assistant Cypher under the MEA is a specialist profile that looks after coding and decoding of messages from foreign countries. Findings of MEA Cypher Assistant have proven to be very useful for intelligence authorities in the past. As far as appointments go, they are placed in different foreign embassies and consulates.


Assistant  (Air Force Headquarters)

The Air Force Headquarters Assistants is purely an indoor administrative job, wherein the officer will assist section officer in performing general operations for upkeep of the AFHQ. One benefit of this profile is, as AFHQ falls under defence ministry, the officer will be entitled to different perks offered to defence personnel. Appointment is made at AFHQ in Delhi.


Assistant  (Other Ministries)

These job positions are used to fill assistant vacancies in different governmental departments and organizations on need-only basis. These may include DoPT (Department of Personnel & Training), Parliamentary Affairs, Election Commission and many others. Work involves clerical and reporting operations as well as help in daily operations of the organization. Postings are generally based in Delhi, but some all-India level organizations like Election Commissions also depute assistants at state level.


Assistant  (Other Ministries)


Divisional Accountant (C&AG)

Appointed under the Comptroller & Auditor General of India; the Divisional Accountant looks after auditing of public expenditure for works and projects carried out by respective state governments. In terms of power, the Divisional Accountant (C&AG) is an impactful position that points out malpractices through its reports to central C&AG, on the basis which action can be taken against respective department or ministry. Appointments are generally done at state level offices of C&AG.


Statistical Investigator Gr II

The work profile of this post is just as its name suggests. Statistical Investigator are entrusted with the responsibility to collect and compile different type of data. The data is then used by the government ministries to formulate effective policies. The work profile involves a mix of desk and field operation, depending upon the position allotted to the officer. Candidates with an academic background in statistics are chosen for this position.


Auditors (C&AG/Comptroller & Auditor General of India)

As the name suggests, the auditors are responsible for checking public expenditure of various state departments (in case of C&AG), defence forces (in case of CDA) and general financial accounts of the country (in case of CGA). It is primarily an auditing job profile that is clerical in nature.


Auditors (CGDA / Comptroller of Defence Accounts)


Auditors (CGA / Comptroller of General Accounts)


Accountant / Jn. Accountant (C&AG)

These are accountant job profiles under the C&AG as well as CGA offices. Accountants are in-charge of keeping a tab upon incoming and outgoing revenue for different departments of central governments.


Accountant / Jn. Accountant (CGA)


Upper Division Clerks

As the name suggests, this is primarily a clerical profile under which the appointed officers have to check the facts being offered as part of a report or documentation. In case of any misappropriation or incorrect facts, the same has to be pointed out to relevant authority. The majority of postings of UDCs is done in Delhi, with a few exceptions.


Tax Assistant (CBDT / Central Board of Direct Taxes)

Tax Assistants appointed under both these boards are similar kind of work profile. The job responsibilities involve compilation and assessment of data related to taxation of individual/business unit (in case of CBDT) or of a goods of service (in case of CBEC). In addition to this, they are also expected to assist in general administration and daily operations of the concerned board.


Tax Assistant (CBEC / Central Board of Excise & Customs)


Compiler (Registrar General of India)

Appointed under the Registrar General of India, Compiler officers are responsible for census as well as compilation of different statistical data collected by the statistics division.

SSC CGL Field Jobs


SSC CGL Field Jobs are one of the most popular and sought after positions within the central government machinery. The field jobs are more intensive in nature with officers having field duties of different types ranging from investigative powers, surveillance, raids and others. SSC CGL Field jobs are ideal for candidates who are interested in being at the forefront of operations as  the profiles here range from inspectors, examiners, officers and preventive officers in different departments like income tax, CBI, NIA, narcotics and others.

Policy adopted by SSC to promote Multi-Tasking Staff

Pros of SSC CGL Field Jobs

1. Higher social status compared to SSC CGL Desk jobs

2. Greater power in terms of investigative, surveillance operations

3. Adventure and uniqueness of the job profile

4. Impressive work culture

Cons of SSC CGL Field jobs

1. Field jobs involve lot of travelling and frequent transfer

2. Dangerous job, as officers deal with powerful players from political and social sphere

3. No fixed working hours, officers have to work in extra hours, weekend and holidays

4. No fixed office, field officer spend most of their time in field

5. Physical standards to get selected for certain profiles

6. Some profiles have uniforms and weapons handling

Job Code

Job Profile Name

Job Profile


Inspector of Income Tax (CBDT)

This is one of the most popular and sought after SSC CGL profiles. Inspector of Income Tax is a position under the Central Board of Direct Taxes. The officer is appointed at Grade C position and the job profile concerns examining and verifying personal income tax records of either individuals or business units. They are generally part of the Income Tax Raid Parties that conduct IT raid on defaulters. The position is quite powerful as it involves dealing with people in powerful positions. The officers are required to travel frequently.


Inspector (Central Excise / CBEC)

The Inspector of Central Excise is appointed under the Central Board of Excise and Customs. The officer is in-charge of inspecting the tax returns filed by different companies, processing submitted claims and process data as well as maintain records. Appointment is considered to of quite high power, as it holds power to implicate business houses involved in tax fraud and evasion.


Inspector (Preventive Officer / CBEC)

As the name suggests, the inspector is a preventive officer under the Central Board of Excise and Customs. The office is trusted with gathering information of economic offences in terms of tax evasion by business houses. Postings are generally done in major cities.


Inspector (Examiner / CBEC)

This posting is again one under the Central Board of Excise and Customs and the appointed officer has to examine the items and verify if appropriate taxes have been levied and paid for. Work location is majorly in port cities in coastal areas.


Assistant Enforcement Officer

The Assistant Enforcement Officer is appointed with the enforcement directorate offices across the country. The appointed officer is responsible for inspecting, preventing and arresting people or organizations involved in economic offences like money laundering and forgery.


Sub Inspectors (CBI)

CBI is the apex investigative agency of the country and therefore being an SI with it is a matter of repute. The CBI sub-inspectors enjoy powers equal to police officers, but as far as jurisdictional authority is concerned, they are part of central government and, therefore, enjoy more investigative powers. The job of CBI SI is quite challenging as it requires dealing with powerful players from social, economic and even political spheres.


Inspector of Posts (Dept of Post)

Appointed under the Department of Post, Inspector of Post is in charge of promoting business growth and expanding the network of post offices in the area under his/her jurisdiction. Considering that Postal Department is a non-performing asset, there is some amount of pressure upon the inspector to showcase operational efficiency. The work profile also involves lot of travel.


Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)

The Inspector in the Central Bureau of Narcotics is responsible for keeping a check upon illegal cultivation, production, supply and sale of banned substances. The officer also has to keep check upon export and import of any banned substances and use of such substances in any edible products being marketed in India. Job location is mainly based in north India and involves travelling to remote places.


Inspectors (NIA)

National Investigative Agency was formulated for leading investigative efforts in cases involving terrorist attacks and other matters of national security. Being part of such an elite force, NIA SI enjoys great social recognition and prestige in the society. Work profile of NIA Inspector is very challenging and involves travelling to attack sites and collecting evidence, gathering intelligence inputs and other investigative functions. The work involves lot of travelling therefore is a big hindrance in leading an active social life. Initial postings are in Delhi, followed by deputation to NIA state headquarters.


Sub-Inspectors (CBN)

The Sub-Inspector in the Central Bureau of Narcotics is responsible for keeping a check upon illegal cultivation, production, supply and sale of banned substances. The officer also has to keep check upon export and import of any banned substances and use of such substances in any edible products being marketed in India. Job location is mainly based in north India and involves travelling to remote places.

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