SSC JHT (Junior Hindi Translator) Exam 2018-19: Most Important Topics

Find out the important topics to study on priority for the SSC JHT exam 2018. Read full article for detail-

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SSC JHT important topics
SSC JHT important topics

SSC JHT exam is a very important exam for the candidates, who possess a master or bachelor degree in Hindi as a compulsory or as an optional subject. SSC JHT exam intends to recruit candidates on the posts of Junior Hindi Translator, Hindi Pradhyapak, Senior Hindi Translator, and Junior Translator in various government departments and ministries. These posts offer a handsome salary package, which will be around Rs. 35,400-112400 with a grade pay of Rs. 4,200 for majority of the offered posts with a good prospective career growth. Hence, there are thousands of students, who apply for these posts every year.

Since, there is a lack of guidance in the preparation for this exam as the number of coaching institutes for the SSC JHT preparation is very limited & located at few places across the country. Besides this, the syllabus for this exam is very vast. Therefore, we have come up with the near solution to this problem by giving you the detailed description of most important topics for the preparation of SSC JHT exam. Let us go ahead-

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SSC JHT Exam Calendar

Before heading to these topics, let us first take a glimpse of the SSC JHT exam 2018 calendar declared by SSC in its latest notification.

Important Dates for SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) 2018 Exam

SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) Notification 2018 Release Date

22nd October 2018

SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) 2018 Apply Online Starting Date

22nd October 2018 – 19th November 2018 (5:00 PM)

(Last date of online fee payment is 21stNovember 2018 5:00 PM)

Last date of online fee payment

21st November 2018 5:00 PM

Last date for generation of offline Challan

21st November 2018 5:00 PM

Last date for payment through Challan

26th November 2018 (during working hours of Bank)

SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) Admit Card 2018 Release Date

December Month till exam date

SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) 2018 Computer Based Examination (Paper-I) Date

13th January, 2019

SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) 2018 Result Date

To be notified later

SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) 2018 Paper-II (Descriptive) Date

To be notified later

SSC Junior Hindi Translator (JHT) 2018 Final Result Date

To be notified later

SSC JHT Exam: Complete Syllabus

In SSC JHT exam, there will be two papers Paper-I and Paper-II. Paper-I will be in computer mode, while Paper-II will be in paper & pen mode. There will be two subjects in Paper-I i.e. General Hindi & General English. Let us have a look of the complete syllabus for SSC JHT exam-

General English

General Hindi

  • Error Recognition
  • Articles
  • Verbs
  • Preposition
  • Spelling Test
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Synonyms
  • Sentence Structure
  • Antonyms
  • Sentence Completion
  • Correct use of words
  • Phrases and Idioms
  • Reading Comprehension


  • Grammatical Topics i.e. Samas, Sandhi, Kriya, Visheshan, etc.
  • Hindi Synonyms
  • Hindi Paragraphs
  • Hindi Proverbs
  • Hindi Antonyms
  • Hindi Spellings (vartani)


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Let us dive into the important topics for both the subjects in details-

SSC JHT 2018: Important Topics

General English

This section carries 100 marks for 100 questions. There are several topics in General English, which are mentioned in the SSC JHT syllabus. However, there are few topics out of which majority of questions are asked. Hence, the study of these topics is very important and should be kept on priority. These topics are as follow-

i. Sentence completion: Under this topic, you will be given an incomplete sentence with 4 options and you have to choose one correct option out of them. The missing part of the sentence may be a verb, an adjective, an adverb, prepositions, tenses and etc. These questions are in a substantial quantity. Hence, it is advised to practice these questions rigorously.

Example- Be _______ and always look to the comfort of others.

a. Considerate

b. Consider

c. Considerable

d. Cautious

ii. Spotting Errors:   Spotting errors is one of the important topics for testing the English skills of a candidate. The questions out of this topic are framed to detect several grammatical issues like wrong use of adverbs, adjectives, verbs, parts of speech, relative pronoun, and preposition.  A typical problem on spotting errors will look like the following example-

Example- Guru Ram Das was (A)/ the fourth Guru of the Sikhs (B)/ between 1674 to 1681. (C)/ No error (D)

Correct Answer: (c.). In a date range instead of ‘Between’, the preposition ‘From’ should be used. 

iii. Antonyms and Synonyms: There will be at least 4-5 questions on each of these topics in the exam, where one word will be given in the question and you are asked to find out the closest word, which represent the meaning in opposite and alike in meaning for the given word.  Do not expect easy words. These words generally are very typical and difficult. If you are familiar with such words, then you can attempt them instantly. Otherwise, you may choose wrong answer in the exam. Hence, be practiced for these questions.

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iv. Idioms and Phrases: Idioms are a collection of words or phrases having a figurative meaning, which is generally well established and known. Idioms have definitive meaning in their usage. Idioms are very useful in testing one’s linguistic skill and these are used by authors to make their writings interesting to their readers, rather than going with straightforward boring paragraphs. Hence, idioms & phrases is a very important part of SSC JHT Paper-I Exam and the number of asked questions from this topic is very high.

Example- Get a handle

a. Take a note

b. To give an explanation

c. Develop an understanding of

d. Teaching yourself

Correct Answer: (c.)

v. Reading Comprehension: The questions on this topic are designed to test your ability to process text, understand its meaning, and to co-relate with what you already know. In SSC JHT exam, there will be at least 2-4 paragraphs and in each paragraph, there will be 10 questions. Each question will have 4 options and you have to choose the most appropriate answer.

This is very important and indispensable topic for this exam. Hence, it is advised that you should read the English passages from the newspapers, novels, preparatory study materials like books, and previous year papers as much as possible and keep on practicing questions as well.  Attempting questions correctly in the exam will be definitely fruitful for you to qualify in the SSC JHT exam.

General Hindi

This section also carries 100 marks for 100 questions. Hence, you must read the following topics to excel in SSC JHT examination. Let us have a detailed understanding of these topics-

i. Grammatical Topics: These topics generally include ‘Samas’, ‘Sandhi’, ‘Kriya’, ‘visheshan’, etc. The questions will also have 4 options and one of them will be correct. In the given question, you have to identify the grammatical errors, correct usage, their definitions, and etc. Questions on Hindi grammar will be in plenty and you can score fairly high in Hindi with them. The question will generally look like the following one-

Example: “बधू + उत्सव” शब्द की संधि होगी?

a. बधुत्सव

b. बधोत्सव

c. बध्योत्सव

d. बधूत्सव

Correct Answer: (a.)

For more questions on Hindi grammar, you can go through various study materials and previous year question papers.

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ii. Hindi Synonyms and Antonyms:  The questions framed on this topic are very similar to the English Antonyms & Synonyms. To answer these questions, you need to have a thorough understanding of Hindi language and its usage in the texts. The question on this topics can also be asked like this-

Example: पर्वत शब्द का कौनसा पर्यावाची नहीं हैं?

a. पहाड़

b. नग

c. भूधर

d. अंबुधि

Correct Answer: (d.)

iii. Hindi Proverbs:  The problems on this topic will be similar to the English Idioms and Phrases. There will be a phrase in Hindi and its meaning will be well-known. You have to identify the correct option out of the given 4 options. The question on this topic will look like as following-

Example:  लोहे के चने चबाना

a. कठिन संघर्ष करना

b. परेशानी में होना

c. कठिन परिश्रम के लिए प्रेरित होना

d. किसी को परेशान करना

Correct Answer: (a.)

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iv.  Hindi Spellings: Generally questions on Hindi Spellings (vartani) will be asked in high number in the examination. In such questions, you have to identify the correct word formation, which should be compliant with all the Hindi grammar rules and other linguistic criteria. Hence, it is advised that you should carefully read the text keeping word’s formation and their usage in different contexts in mind. So that, in examination, you can score well.

If you found this information on ‘SSC JHT 2018: Most Important Topics to study’ useful, then do visit for more such information on SSC EXAM 2018.

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