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SSC MTS Reasoning study material: Analogy-I

Apr 4, 2018 19:07 IST
    SSC MTS reasoning Analogy
    SSC MTS reasoning Analogy

    SSC MTS exam offers various posts under Grade-‘D’ in government departments & ministries including driver, peon, watch-man, cleaner, and etc. There are lots of candidates hailing from the rural area across the country, who wants to clear SSC MTS exam to get a government job. However, it is easier for everyone. It requires a lot of patience & hard word. Candidates from rural background, face hurdle in studying the all subjects of this exam.

    In addition to this, we have prepared a set of 10 questions with answers & explanations from Analogy verbal reasoning through this article. Go through all of them and practice all questions attentively-

    SSC MTS Verbal reasoning study material: Analogy

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    In the following context, you will understand, what types of questions are asked from Analogy topic. Let us start-

    1. India: President:: state:?

    a. Mayor

    b. Chief Minister

    c. Governor

    d. Prime Minister


    Explanation:-According to The Indian Constitution, a President is the head of the country; similarly, Governor is appointed as the head of the state.

    2. Soap is related to Wash in the same way as broom is related to _______.

    a. Floor

    b. Clean

    c. Dust

    d. Sweep

    Ans.:- d.

    Explanation:-Soap is used for washing clothes; similarly, broom is used to sweep the dust.

    3. Darkness : Lamp

    a. Medicine : illness

    b. Pen : classroom

    c. Pain : Exercise

    d. Thirst : Water


    Explanation:-Just as Darkness is eliminated by lamp, so also water eliminates thirst.

    4. Summit : Apex :: I : II

    I. (1) Picture  (2) Attractive   (3) Beautiful   (4) Playful

    II. (A) Pretty  (B) Brave  (C) Healthy  (D) Relaxed

    a. 1C

    b. 3D

    c. 2C

    d. 3A

    Ans.:- c.

    Explanation:-Summit and apex are synonyms to each other. Similarly, Beautiful and pretty are synonyms to each other.

    5. Choose the word, which is similar to the following group-

    India : Bangladesh : Chile

    a. Maldives

    b. Paris

    c. Stockholm

    d. Moscow


    Explanation:-India, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Chile all are countries, while Paris, Stockholm, and Moscow are the capitals of the nations.

    6. Pekiti : Muay Thai : Jujutsu

    a. They all are Chinese dishes.

    b. They all are person’s names.

    c. They all are the forms of martial arts.

    d. They all are the dance forms


    Explanation:-Pekiti, Muay Thai, and Jujutsu are the martial art forms originated from Philippines, Thailand, and Japan respectively.

    7.  Find the similar analogy to the following-

    Tehsil : District : State : Country

    a. Metropolitan : Metropolis : City : Town

    b. Block : Colony : Zone : Town

    c. Province : District : State : Country

    d. Uttar Pradesh : Madhya Pradesh : Delhi : Haryana

    Ans.:- c.

    Explanation:-the problem statement contains four items in hierarchical system from lower to higher levels. This analogy is similar to Province, District, State, and Country.

    8. 9 : 8 :: 16 : ?

    a. 25

    b. 125

    c. 27

    d. 64

    Ans.:- c.

    Explanation: - the problem statement shares the following relationship-

    (x)y : (x-1)y+1 => the answer will be (4-1)2+1 = 27.

    9. AD : FI : KL : ?

    a. PQ

    b. ST

    c. UV

    d. YZ

    Ans.:- a.

    Explanation: -  This analogy follows the pattern stated below-

    A + 5 = F;

    D + 5 = I;

    K + 5 = P;

    L + 5 = Q;

    10. B :  9 :: E : ?

    a. 16

    b. 36

    c. 49

    d. 64

    Ans.:- b.

    Explanation:- B holds second position in the alphabetic series; and 9 is the (2 +1)2; Similarly, E holds the fifth position in the alphabetic series; Hence, the answer will be (5 + 1)2 = 36.

    For more study material, keep on visiting us at www.jagranjosh.com.

    All the Best!

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