SSC Reasoning Preparation tips: Analogy

In this article, we are going to discuss the tricks and types of analogy, which is generally asked in all SSC exams. Go through all of them and boost your preparation. Let us go-

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SSC reasoning preparation tips
SSC reasoning preparation tips

Analogy is one of the most important chapters in reasoning out of which several questions are asked, not only in SSC exams but also in other competitive exams. Analogy is to understand and recognize similar and dissimilar relationship among the words or sentences. There are nearly 2-3 questions usually asked in Tier-1 exam of all SSC exams. Analogy is considered the simplest topic by the majority of candidates. However, It totally depends upon the nature and types of analogy. Sometimes, questions became so cumbersome and weird that you cannot even recognize the meaning of words and sentences. Hence, we can conclude that Analogy is such topic which cannot be left unpracticed and untouched. So, collect as many questions as you can and start practicing the maximum number of questions to get the full marks in this topic. Now, you may be thinking about what methods should be opted to solve such questions.

In this article, we will discuss about tricks and types of analogy, which are generally useful in all SSC exams. Go through all of mentioned tips and boost your preparation. Let us start-

SSC Reasoning Tips & tricks: Analogy

Break the unknown word

In examination hall, you may stuck in such situation, where you may confront the unfamiliar and strange words, which you have never heard of and never read. In such case, if the word is breakable then split the word and determine the meaning or roots of split words. The candidate should also try and remember something related to word in such a situation.

Another thing that a candidate can do is to get meaning of the word in such a way that he can recall a sentence having that word. If possible. You should also check the word with positive or negative meaning generally prefixed with –a, an, dis, un, im, anti, non, mal, etc.

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Sometimes, candidate should also be careful about certain words or idioms that can have more than one meaning. For that, you must have full concentration while reading the questions before answering them.

SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips: Coding-Decoding

 Logical Understanding

The candidates appearing for SSC exams need to understand the problems logically. To solve the analogy questions, you must be very close and precise in identifying the said relationship between the words, phrases and given short sentences. Questions always have a logical relationship between a pair of words, sentences, words etc. given in the question. Your task is to pick out the most appropriate set among the given choices that define the same relationship. It is the test of logical understanding and vocabulary of a candidate.


Vocabulary can be improved by reading more English and understanding their meanings. The candidates can use the methods of forming the small and precise sentences to recognize the relationship between words and sentences. Most of the times, choices are very close to each other in meaning and can be very confusing. Hence, knowledge of good vocabulary is must.

SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips: Logic Sequence of Words

Types of analogy

There are generally a few types of questions asked in SSC exams or you can use them for improving it.

  1. Cause and Effect- explains the natural effect of certain action i.e. cause- Burn, hit, fire and hurt. Result of the cause is spontaneous.
  2. Opposite words- used to establish meaning between words like water: fire, laughing: crying, etc.
  3. Group Analogy- When objects are taken together to form a particular group are known as group analogies. E.g. soldier-army, tree-forest
  4. Verbs- It is simple analogy. Verbs can be used in their different tense forms and can be well recognized. E.g. sleep and slept
  5. Rhyming words- words used in rhyme in one or other way can be used to establish analogy. E.g. Knight- night, rough- tough
  6. Classification analogies- It can be classified to a group of objects or to different objects. E.g. Flash and lightening
  7. Related objects- in such type of questions, analogy questions are related to each other. E.g. drive and car, doctor and patient, writer and book
  8. Function related- When words are related with functionality. E.g. Cap and head, Hand and gloves
  9. Efforts and result- when efforts are put to get some desired results. e.g. read and newspaper, paint and painting
  10. Problem and solution- Solutions are given with the problems and they are obvious. e.g. dirt and cleaning, tired and rest

SSC Reasoning preparation tips: Series Completion

Above are most commonly asked questions from this chapter. There can be several other types of questions based on analogy. Analogy is generally based on various things and characteristics like manner, work, action, time, gender, age, etc. Any of these can be used to establish similarity and dissimilarity in the questions.

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