The d-and f-Block Elements (Part-2)

Melting and boiling point of d & f block elements are very high (except Zn). These higher values are due to small atomic radii of transition elements which provides greater inter atomic forces of attraction.

Jan 21, 2013 14:13 IST
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The d-and f-Block Elements (Part-2)
The d-and f-Block Elements (Part-2)

What is the general electronic configuration of d-and f-Block Elements? What are the position of d-and f-Block Elements? How many marks carried by the chapter the d-and f-Block Elements in class 12 board examination? Why we study the chapter, the d-and f-Block Elements? What is transition element? Describe the irregularities in configuration for the d-and f-Block Elements? This video will help you to score all 5 marks in the chapter, the d-and f-Block Elements.

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The elements which show partially filled d-orbitals either ground state or in one or more of their ions, are known as d-block elements or outer transition elements. The properties od d block element are intermediate between s-block elements and p-block elements. They are more electropositive than p-block elements but less electropositive than s-block elements. They form ionic compounds in their lower oxidation state and covalent compounds in higher oxidation states. They are all metals and have electronic configuration ns2, (n-1) d1 to 10

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