Things every student does before an entrance exam

Entrance exams are a way for colleges to test your eligibility for admission. Here, we list things which will definitely go through your mind before sitting for an important entrance test.

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Things every student does before an entrance exam
Things every student does before an entrance exam


It's that time of the year again when students start the mad rush to get admission in their favourite college. While some colleges select students through cut-off, others organize an entrance test to see if a candidate is fit to be studying in the institution.

'Not again!' This is the standard reaction of every student sitting for an entrance exam. For those who have just passed out of school, it is no less than nightmare to be giving another important exam after boards.

However, you do not have a choice in the matter and because you don't, it would be a good idea to approach the entrances with a positive mindset.

Here are 9 stages which every student preparing for entrance exams will go through:

Realization of tough competition

For the first time the students truly realize that it is impossible to achieve anything consequential without having to fight for it. Because of our ever-increasing population there are thousands of students fighting for each and every seat, making things worse. However, you must persevere because when you actually qualify, that would be the best feeling ever.

How the quota system works

For years, students have been trying to fight against the quota system in education sector so that things are fair and everyone has equal an opportunity towards a bright future. But the scenario is more or less the same, even after the protests. There are always two sides to topics like these but if you are not the one who is getting the benefits, it is surely going to hurt.

Preparing a schedule on your own

In school, things are easy for students as the subjects, exams and time table are all decided by the teachers. Now, the entire onus of preparing an effective schedule shifts on them, resulting in panic. This might like look like a daunting task but making a study schedule will prepare you better for your college life where the pressure to score will be even more. This is your chance to prove that you know how to handle academics on your own.

Reading previous year's question paper

If one thing boards have taught us, it is the hack of knowing that the questions from previous year will not be repeated this time. It is a perfect assumption to make which goes wrong very rarely. So, it is obvious that students look for question paper of last year to not only know the questions but also to understand the format in a better manner.

Reading motivational things

Students need to read success stories to keep yourself motivated because there is only so much you can study in a limited period of time and the brain ultimately gets exhausted. This exhausted brain needs energy in the form of motivation. Read interviews of toppers to gain inspiration regarding how they prepared for the competition and what were the things going through their minds. It always helps as you get the confidence that of someone else can do it, so can you because they were also a school student when they gave the exam and excelled.

Daydreaming about your college life

Before you even give the exams, the candidates start thinking about the time when they would have cleared all the rounds for admission and would be enjoying an amazing college life. It's totally natural and something which will also keep you going. They Google everything about their dream college, from campus to canteen and find themselves spending hours on the internet binge surfing.  

Freaking out

This phase comes a month before the exam when people make assumptions that they are underprepared. They keep coming across questions you had no clue were part of the course and this increases the tension further. This is a very tough phase where it is important to keep calm and believe in yourself.

Reminding yourself how crucial the exam is

This is the time when all the energy drains out but the key is to keep going regardless. You would be reminding yourself that it is a do-or-die situation and there is no way you can mess this exam up because all your hard work through months would mean nothing if you perform badly in the entrance.

Sleepless nights

Right before the entrance, every student goes through a phase of sleepless nights where they are trying to study as much as they can to leave no stone unturned to give best performance in the entrance exam. You will realize that there is no substitute for hard work and actual quality learning.

The last stage is the day of the exam when you have no option but to put in your best efforts and try to make maximum sense in whatever you write. After writing the exam, the anticipation for the result starts and the nervousness is doubled if the entrance is followed by personal interviews and group discussions which are a big challenge as well. In most cases, though, entrances are the final hurdle between you and your dream college and you can relax if you have given it your best shot.

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