Top 10 Jobs for Marketing Graduates

If you are an MBA Aspirant with specialization in Marketing then these 10 Jobs that are are sure to offer you bright career prospects and help you rise high in your career.

Created On: Jun 24, 2017 08:30 IST
Top 10
Top 10

Wow! It feels great being a graduate. The convocation day, the caps flying in the air, degrees in the hands, farewells, goodbyes and the most talked question, "What is your next step?", because  it's not the end, it is the new beginning.

PS, here we are going to talk for the marketing graduates only.

Some of us feel like it could be an entry to a new job, and if you are one thinking so, you are at the right place. Marketing is all about Lets discover the top 10 jobs one  could get straight after completing the graduation in marketing.

1. Sales Representative

A sales representative is a person who is involved in selling products and services to the customers. The sales representatives deal in understanding the needs and the wants of the customers, followed by fulfilling them. The duties include:

  • Meeting existing and new clients;
  • Promoting new products and deals;
  • Helping customers with the pre-sale and post-sale formalities;
  • Acting as liaison between customers and sales team;
  • Meeting sales targets;

Reporting sales course to the employer; and so on. There could be few or more responsibilities quite or more similar.

2. Event Planner

Even planning is yet another option for marketing graduates. Convention planer or meeting planner could be a few synonyms. These events could be fairs, festivals, exhibition; corporate meets, conferences, fundraising events such as walks and running races, product launches etc. The duties of an event planner could include:

  • Planning, designing and producing events;
  •  Identify client needs to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Conducting market research and utilising the same in work;
  • Ensuring compliance with legal, safety and insurance regulations;
  • Conducting pre and post event evaluations and analysing the outcomes;

3. Accounts Executive

The account handler or account executive person acts as a link between the company and the clients or advertising agency. The duties of an account executive include:

  • Social media management- the area is vast, related to managing social media platform, working on SEO, SEMs, PPC, working on social media strategy, etc.;
  • Affiliate management- maintaining ongoing affiliates, building new affiliates, monitoring competitor's affiliates, tracking affiliates sales, etc.;
  • Research, innovation and development;
  • Reputation management;
  • Customer/client relationship management; etc.

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4. Business Development Executive

The business development executive, as the word suggests is a person who helps in the development of the business. He could support the business through following or more activities:

  • Meeting/exceeding targets of revenue, sales, profit maximisation, customer retention, customer acquisition, etc.;
  • Working on marketplace research and competitor activity;
  • Working with marketing team in order to develop marketing campaigns which could promote sales;
  • Maintaining sales record and presenting the same to analyse the effectiveness of the organisation.

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  5. Marketing Coordinator

The marketing coordinator is responsible for managing the marketing of products/services.  For this job, one needs to have spontaneous and outgoing approach. The marketing coordinator's functions revolve around:

  • Liaisoning marketing activities with the marketing department;
  • Synchronizing marketing and sales activities;
  • Assisting sales manager in planning and implementing promotional campaigns;
  • Working on marketing communications such as brochures, flyers, exhibition-related projects etc.;
  • Assisting in sourcing images, production of art work, print buying, checking copy, etc.

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6. Blog Manager

Blog manager is the person who can market the organisation with the words. Definitely, one needs to be good at writing but along with it, what is needed is the wisdom to use the words wisely to generate income or business. The functions of a blog manager could be:

  • Writing blogs, for sure to be on this list;
  • Generating content and working on the content strategy;
  • Optimizing content for lead generation and search engine;
  • Working on eBooks;

Increasing blog subscribers, helping convert visitors to leads, expanding blog's reach.

7. Marketing Operations Professional

The marketing operations professional is a person who is more on planning and budgeting side. The scope of the role is vast enough. The professional is involved in supporting other teams and individuals involved in marketing.

The duties for the professional could be laid as:

  • Analysis and reporting;
  • Database administration;
  • Email marketing;
  • Marketing performance measurement via various analysis;
  • Resolving customer grievances via telemarketing services;

Coordinating with different departments to see that organisational goals are in pace with the department's goals;

8. E-mail marketing Specialist

Email marketing works well if the person knows to land the right content to the right inbox. It involves using emails to request business, send ads, seek sales, and other related functions.

The job responsibilities of email marketing specialist could be:

  • Increasing the email list;
  • Managing email campaigns, working on email templates, designs, content used in email etc.;
  • Working towards lowering unsubscriptions;
  • Tracking success of email marketing ;
  • Keeping the knowledge of the latest trends in social media marketing, especially email marketing.

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9. Market Research Analyst

For marketing graduates, here is another luring option. A career in market research. Such is a professional who works on understanding the market and its conditions such as what people want to buy, why they want to buy, what is the composition of the customers, what is the price the customer is willing to part from for the product etc. The duties and responsibilities of a market research analyst could be:

  • Collecting data on customers, competitors and market place and collating and presenting the same;
  • Performing SWOT analysis;
  • Working on statistical tool to make the data usable;
  • Formulating reports and making recommendations;

Being updated with latest market trends and best practices.

10. Community Manager

I really found this one interesting. As a community manager, one is responsible for advocating brands via social media modes, digital modes or social networking modes. The roles of a community manager could be summed as:

  • Being a conversationalist, who can talk about the company and the products or services;
  • Maintaining good relationships with customers and clients so as to boost growth;
  • Social media marketing;
  • Event planning;
  • Content creation;
  • Business development
  •  Public relations;
  • Marketing strategy etc.

The list goes on…. To cut short, I would say, a community manager at higher level needs to work on all the functions mentioned in above points.

I hope you find the best job in pace with your interest and skills.

All the best J

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