Top emerging career opportunities for students after school

This article will guide students who have cleared their class 12 board exams to pick up the most attractive and well-paid careers according to their aptitude and interest.

Top emerging career opportunities for students after school
Top emerging career opportunities for students after school

Every student wants to excel in life and choose a career that will take them to great heights in life. There are many options around like Fashion Designing, Civil Aviation, Fabric Designing, Export, Hotel Industry, Media and Journalism, Packaging, Public Relations, Information Technology, electronic Media etc.

Here we bring you useful information about career opportunities that will help you in selecting the best. This will give you a good understanding of the market and help you in selecting the jobs that are most suitable for you.

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1. Civil Aviation

The Civil Aviation industry is one of the largest in the whole world and it offers very attractive pay packages, benefits, and perks.  

Major jobs include Pilot, Airport Manager, Aviation Maintenance, Air Traffic Controller, Airport Security, Cabin Crew, Air Hostess, Ground Staff, Hotel Staff, Airport Station Attendant and a lot more.

2. Fashion Designing

Fashion scenario has evolved a lot and fashion designers are very much in demand for various occasions, like marriages, theme parties, TV serials, theatre, and movies.

A career in fashion will let you come in contact with celebrities, actors, actresses, renowned models and other influential people. With this exposure, you can display your work to a global audience and earn very, very good money and fame.

3. Beauty/ Lifestyle

The business of beauty/ lifestyle caters to the ever increasing and diverse demands of consumers, men and women alike. People want to look beautiful and attractive, and for that, they use different methods. A host of beauty parlours and salons have come up and even more are in the fray. Students can undergo diploma or degree courses in beauty care and lifestyle from a number of institutes. This field will earn you good money and friends as well.  

4. Fabric Designing

Fabric Designing is rather a new field but becoming very popular and in demand. More and more youngsters are taking up fabric designing as it includes fashion, trends, and textile designing. It is very similar to fashion designing and involves big names from the industry and also very good money and fame.

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5. Export

You can start export after getting a license and other approvals from the government. Since India’s exports have gone up significantly over the years, you can be assured of very good results if you take up this field.

Exports also bring a lot of foreign exchange thus helping the economy of the country, making it a sound and reliable career option.

6. Hotel Industry

Hospitality or Hotel Industry as it is commonly known is very popular and fast growing industry in India. The number of foreign tourists is increasing every year and so are the opportunities for professionals associated with the hotel industry. This field offers very good payment as well as international exposure.

You can go for courses in hotel management offered by many institutes and make a great career.

7. Media and Journalism

Media and Journalism are counted under Media only, whether electronic, print or online. Media is a challenging and vibrant field that offers many different careers. You can enrol for courses in mass communication depending on your interest and make a great career as a journalist, reporter, designer, producer, photographer etc. and earn money and fame both.

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8. Publishing

The essential role of a publisher is to gather the raw manuscript from various writers and authors and make it into an attractive piece of literature. This process involves editing of the text, providing it with the right topic and sub-topics, give pictures and other features wherever required, packaging the final product, and sell it into the market.

Since a lot of new writers and organisations want their literature to reach the masses, publishing is a thriving career and highly lucrative.

9. Packaging

The success of any product that is sold in the market depends mainly on its quality and efficiency. But if the product is not packaged properly, chances are that many customers might not purchase it. Hence packaging is a vital part to market and sell a product as it adds beauty to the product thus adding to its value. The importance of packaging has resulted in an increased demand for qualified professionals who can provide the best packaging.

10. Railways

The government is constantly looking to improve and modernise railway network and for this purpose they keep on hiring professionals from various fields. The salary structure of railway staff is in accord with the Central Pay Commission Recommendations. This ensures that railway employees get the best of pay and benefits offered by the government. 

11. Printing

Printing is very much like packaging which gives a lot of support in the selling of the product as a well printed and high quality copy will attract more customers.

You can set up a printing press with even a small amount and expand it further. A diploma course in Printing Technology will help you to start as a trainee and as you learn you can mark your own space in the industry and earn very good money.

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12. Public Relations (PR)

The role of the PR is to create a clean, positive, and pleasant image of an individual and an organisation among the masses. Actors, sportspersons, models, fashion designers, business houses avail the services of PR managers and agencies for publicity and promotion.

Once you are active in the field you can tie-up with prospective clients. It is a well paying job that will introduce you to new, influential people.

13. Information Technology (IT)

India is considered as the main producer of the most efficient and capable IT professionals who have made an immense contribution to the development of many countries, including superpowers like the USA, Canada, and many European countries.

It is very highly paying and rewarding career with many other benefits. You can enrol in a recognised institute and study the course which is most suitable or which is predicted to be very high in demand in future.

14. Electronic Media

Electronic Media deals with Television and Radio and is one of the most popular choices for students as it involves good money and fame as well. Right from being a news anchor to a radio jockey, producer, director, sound engineer, a/v editor, programmer, writer and many other roles the field has many careers to offer.

15. Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism play key role in managing the tourists and visitors from abroad as well as local ones.

Travel and Tourism industry also contributes a lot to the foreign exchange reserves of the country. Many reputed colleges and institutes are offering courses in this field. You can select the one that is most suitable and make a great high paying career.  

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Conclusion: We have brought together 15 emerging career opportunities for the students who have either passed out from school or would be passing out this season. These careers will not only cater to the professional aspects but also provide substantial monetary benefits.

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