Tripura JEE-2015 syllabus: Chemistry

Tripura joint Entrance Examination (TJEE) is the engineering entrance exam for the admissions into professional degree courses of the various colleges in Tripura, conducted by the Tripura joint Entrance Examinations Board.. Students can get Tripura JEE syllabus from here.

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A. Atomic structure:
Concept of nuclear atom: Electron, Proton and Neutron, atomic number; Rutherford’s model and its limitations. Extra nuclear structure, line spectrum of hydrogen atom; quantization of energy (Planck’s equation = hv), Bohr model of atom and its limitations, Sommerfeld’s modification (elementary idea), the four quantum numbers, ground state electronic configurations of many electron atoms and mono atomic ions, the Aufbau principle, Pauli’s exclusion principle and Hund’s Rule, Dual nature of electron, the concept of atomic orbitals, shapes of S, P and d-orbitals (Pictorial Approach).
B. Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry:
Natural Radioactivity alpha, beta, gamma - rays and their properties, rate of radioactive decay, decay constant and half-line period of radio elements, Numerical  Problems, Artificial radioactivity, Nuclear reactions, stability of atomic nucleus, effect of neutron - proton (n/p) ratio on the modes of decay, group displacement law, radio isotopes and their uses (6C14, 15P32 and 53I137 as examples), isobars and isotones, Nuclear fission and fusion reactions.
C. The Periodic table and Chemical families:
Morn periodic law, Modern periodic table based on electronic configurations, groups and periods, types of elements: Representative (s and p-block) elements, transition (d-block) elements and inner transition (f-block) elements (lanthanides and actinides) and their general characteristics, periodic trends in physical and chemical properties - atomic radii, Valency, ionization energy, electron affinity, metallic character, acidic and basic characters of oxides and hydrides of the representative elements (upto Z = 36), position of hydrogen and noble gases in the periodic table, Diagonal  relationships.

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