Tripura JEE-2015 syllabus: Physics

Tripura joint Entrance Examination (TJEE) is the engineering entrance exam for the admissions into professional degree courses of the various colleges in Tripura, conducted by the Tripura joint Entrance Examinations Board. Students can get Tripura JEE syllabus from here.

Created On: Oct 13, 2014 16:28 IST
  1. Unit of measurement, System of units, S.I. units, Fundamental and derived units, Dimensional Analysis.
  2. Composition and resolution of vectors, Rectangular components in two & three dimensions, Unit vector, Representation of vectors in term of co-ordinates, Addition & Subtraction of vectors, Multiplication of vectors - scalar product & vector product.
  3. Uniformly accelerated motion, Velocity - time graph Position-time graph, Kinematical equations in one dimension.
  4. Centre of mass, Centre of gravity, Conditions of equilibrium of a system of forces, Moment of a force about a point and an axis, couple, torque.
  5. Newton’s laws of motion, Inertial frame, Impulse & impulsive forces.
  6. Conservation of linear momentum, Static and kinetic friction, Projectile motion.
  7. Rotational motion of a particle, Angular momentum and conservation of angular momentum, Moment of inertia, Relation between Torque, Angular momentum, Moment of inertia & Angular acceleration, Rotational kinetic energy, Centripetal force & centrifugal force.
  8. Work, energy & power; Conservative and non-conservative force; Elastic collision in one dimension.
  9. Laws of gravitation, Gravitational field & potential; Acceleration due to gravity and its variation with altitude, depth & rotation of earth; Escape velocity, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion (rigorous proof is not required), Geostationary satellite.
  10. Elasticity, Elastic behaviour, Hooke’s Law of elasticity, Elastic module, Poisson’s ratio, Elastic Energy.
  11. Pascal’s law, Principle of multiplication of thrust & its application, Hydraulic press. Archimedes’ principle and its application, Atmospheric pressure, Torricelli’s Experiment., Fortin’s Barometer.
  12. Surface energy and surface tension, Capillarity, Streamline and turbulent motion, Newton’s law of viscous force, Coefficient of viscosity, Stoke’s law, Terminal velocity, Bernoulli’s Principle (statement only) and its simple application.

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